June 2007 #162

Popular Woodworking June 2007 issueThe workbench is often called the largest tool in the shop. That’s why the June 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking features workbenches.

In our Woodworking Essentials series on setting up your shop, we lay out the rules that will help you pick the best bench features for the way you work.

We put two-base router kits in the hands of a professional woodworker and turn him loose to find his favorite.

Mario Rodriguez details the techniques for veneering with hot hide glue.

Michael Dunbar presents a primer on using handplanes.

Glen Huey builds a reproduction sugar chest.

Troy Sexton shares the secrets for a finish that looks centuries old.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

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Tool Test: Ryobi Cordless Sander

By Glen D. Huey Page: 25 From the June 2007 issue #162 Buy this issue now Random-orbit sanders are a staple for woodworking. Having a sander that’s cordless can be better in certain situations. The 18-volt Ryobi P410 is not the tool for everyday use, but it’s perfect for any time you need to...


Tool Test: A Better Sanding Solution

By Glen D. Huey Page: 24 From the June 2007 issue #162 Buy this issue now Sanding accounts for a major portion of work in the shop. The dust produced can lead to bouts with chronic bronchitis, asthma or dermatitis. So you have reason to search for better sanding products. Mirka Abrasives Inc. has...


Out on a Limb: Avoid Unworkable Workbenches

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 10 From the June 2007 issue #162 Buy this issue now In the summer of 2002 I got to visit Sam Maloof’s new workshop and home in Southern California and was floored by three things: the tactile perfection of his work, the delicious pork tacos he fed us and the...