This collection of woodworking interviews and profiles of famous woodworkers including Sam Maloof, Roy Underhill, and James Krenov (and a some lesser known makers who deserve to be more famous) is chock-full of sage wisdom, valuable advice and helpful woodworking tips that will both teach and entertain. Presented as a mix of woodworking videos, articles and blog entries these visits inside the shops and minds of woodworking masters will both guide you in your woodworking and inspire you to get back out in the shop and in front of your bench.


Interview with Ron Hock

Ron is the owner of Hock Tools, a 25-year-old cottage industry that makes acknowledged superior blades for planes and other woodworking tools. His interest and expertise regarding sharp edges comes from a blade-maker's perspective and he imparts this knowledge in a clear and concise way in his new book, "The Perfect Edge." We got...

The iconographic Maloof rocker has been made for presidents, celebrities and captains of industry. Made in a variety of woods, the form itself has changed continuously. Maloof allows each piece to form as he works on it, using only templates to guide his rough work. The finished shape is guided by an experienced eye and talented hands.

Legendary Rocker by Sam Maloof

Sam Maloof, a world-class craftsman, has a new location for his shop but the same dogged attitude toward his work.