Free Beginner Woodworking Projects

Tips, Tricks and Style All Included in These FREE Beginner Woodworking Projects!


When you’re looking for easy woodworking projects, we figure you’re looking for 3 things:

1. All the tips, tricks and instruction you need to complete the projects, all in one place.

2. Style that does not sacrifice quality, because you want your beautiful woodworking projects to last.

3. FREE! Save your money for lumber, supplies and woodshop projects that will be necessary for your next steps in the craft.

You get all of the above with our download, plus we’ll let you in on a secret – these 3 beginner woodworking projects are not just for complete beginners. Even the experienced staff members here at Popular Woodworking like to complete these easy wood projects from time to time. They can be a great brush-up at any level. So call them small woodworking projects or simple woodworking projects, but you don’t have to think of them as purely “woodworking for beginners.”


3 simple wood projects you get with this free download:


The Laptop Desk:

This is a great solution for our contemporary, screen-filled lives! You’ll also learn a few things about hole saw kits, ebonizing wood and how to make a homemade drum sander. Try modifying the design to hold your smartphone in the space next to the laptop.


The Shaker Carry Box

Joinery is part of woodworking basics. This attractive box for toys or knick-knacks will teach you how to join boards with simple notched and nailed construction. It looks great and will last many years!


The Small Bench

The next step in basic woodworking is to start building furniture. With this entry bench you’ll learn about panel glueups, curve-cutting and screw joinery. And you’ll love the bright finish!

Easy woodworking plans don’t get any better than these. If you’re a woodworking beginner (or even if you have some experience), download the plans now – then stick with us as you grow your skills!


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Download your woodworking projects for beginners now! You’re going to love what you learn, and you’ll love what you build even more.


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