February 2012 #195

Popular Woodworking February 2012 issueOur cover story for the February 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking is Serpentine Chest, by Glen D. Huey, contributing editor. Expand your casework repertoire by learning how to make a curvaceous front – it looks a lot trickier than it really is.

In Handle With Care, Gary Rogowski shows how to design, make and install custom handles for your doors and drawers – pulls perfectly suited to your project.

In A Frame With Architectural Interest, Mark Arnold shows how “crossetted” corners add a bold visual statement – and arresting grain pattern – to a picture or mirror frame.

Charles Bender demonstrates how an exercise in dowel-making without a lathe is an excellent way to improve your handplaning techniques in Just Plane Round.

In Mirrors in Multiples, Robert W. Lang, executive editor, shows how designing the process for making multiples of a project can be as challenging as designing the object itself.

In Return of the Passer Drill, Roy Underhill revives this venerable tool, which was used in times past to pattern rout for brass insets, with a modern replica.

In this issue’s Tool Test, we take a look at Festool ZOBO Forstner-style bits, Veritas’s 6″ precision square, Blockkz’s Clamping Blocks and Earlex’s steam generator.

In Design Matters, George R. Walker shows how sketching is all in your mind.

In Arts & Mysteries, Adam Cherubini shows how London’s clever carpenters found a way around the laws regarding “boarded” furniture.

This issue’s I Can Do That project is a message center designed and built by Steve Shanesy, senior editor.

In Great Woodshops, Christopher Schwarz, contributing editor, shows how Jeff Miller, a former musician, brings an improvisational skill to the craft of custom woodworking.

In Flexner on Finishing, Bob Flexner shows how “green” solvents are environmentally friendly and surprisingly effective.

In End Grain, Eric Heydorn paddles through his woodworking past.

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Design Matters: Sketching: It’s All in Your Mind

Try this exercise to unlock imagination. By George R. Walker Pages: 18-20 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. In the first century B.C.E., a military architect named Vitruvius captured the distinction between a designer’s mind and the minds of the rest of us. “For all men, not just architects, are capable of appreciating quality; but...

Arts & Mysteries: ‘Boarded’ Furniture

London’s clever carpenters found a way around the laws. By Adam Cherubini Pages: 22-24 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. “Boarded” is an archaic English term that was used to describe a form of woodwork characterized by the use of fasteners as the principle means of attachment. The iconic six-board chest is probably the...

End Grain: Full Circle

Paddling through a woodworking past. By Eric Heydorn Page: 64 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy this issue now. I was 3 years old and I was in toddler heaven – the dirty, dangerous, totally awesome garage. My dad had actually invited me out to the garage to help him make … something. I didn’t know...

Tool Test: Festool ZOBO Bits

By Steve Shanesy Page: 14 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. Until Colt came out with its aggressive Forstner bits a while back, this was a sleepy tool category. Now, Festool has introduced its own aggressive bits and taken the tool’s capability to another level. ZOBO bits have a unique feature – interchangeable centers in the...

Tool Test: BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks

By Steve Shanesy Page: 16 From the February 2012 issue #195. Buy the issue now. I’ve made dozens of clamping cauls over the years to address the wide variety of oddball clamping conditions we run into in the shop. Some were simple and quick to make; others took more time. Some worked perfectly; others just got me through. VIDEO:...

Tool Test: Earlex Steam Generator for Bending Wood

By Steve Shanesy Page: 17 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. You probably know Earlex as the British company that a few years back introduced North American woodworkers to an inexpensive but capable HVLP sprayer. Now the company has introduced an inexpensive electric steam generator that makes it ever-so-easy to add steam-bending wood...

Tricks of the Trade: Table Saw Extension

Edited by Kari Hultman Pages: 12-13 From the February 2012 issue #195. Buy the issue now. Three main design features enable it to work well. The runners are made of hard maple that resists wear and tear. The sliding mechanism is a dovetail that allows the roller to move closer to the table for short pieces and...