February 2006 #153

Popular Woodworking February 2006You can build better and build faster by blending the use of hand and power tools in your shop. That’s the theme of this February 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking. Chris Schwarz shows you how in Coarse, Medium and Fine.

Glen Huey takes an old design and converts it to a modern media storage cabinet.

In our continuing series on casework construction we give you solid tips on smart assembly.

Kerry Pierce continues his series of articles on Shaker design with a close look at original pieces.

Lonnie Bird shows you how to modify your stock chisels for maximum performance.

Frustrated by wood screws? We show you how to use them effectively.

Bob Flexner gives you great methods for fixing common spray gun problems.

Bill Hylton explains how to get the most from your half-blind dovetail jig.

Adam Cherubini gives you his take on the ultimate hand tool workshop.

For the turners, we have a great duplicating jig and methods for preparing green wood.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.


Out of the Woodwork: Small Shop, Big Lessons

Many woodworkers dream of ‘going pro.’ Before you take the leap, read this. By Jim Tolpin Page: 104 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now It’s now been more than three decades since I began to work wood for a living. In the beginning, I operated alone out of a one-car...


Flexner on Finishing: Common Spray Gun Problems

Don’t be a drip – learn how to keep your equipment in fine working order. By Bob Flexner Pages: 98-99 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now In the last issue I showed you how to maintain and clean a spray gun. Keeping parts oiled and the spray gun free of...


Power-tool Joinery: Half-Blind Dovetails by Jig

Not everyone’s ready to tackle hand-cut dovetails. Here’s how to get the most from your router and jig. By Bill Hylton Pages: 92-94 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now Dovetails are prime joints. Long history, great appearance and cachet. Used in boxes, drawers and carcases. But for many woodworkers, cutting...


At the Lathe: Preparing Green Wood

Here’s how to take your stock from logs to lathe. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 88-91 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I was sitting in my booth at a craft show when a young man came in and began looking at...


Endurance Test: Powermatic Model 66

After 10 years this solid, reliable machine continues to be a shop mainstay. By David Thiel Page 86 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now It’s surprising we haven’t written an Endurance Test about the Powermatic Model 66 table saw before now. When we set up the Popular Woodworking shop more...


Successful Screwing

Everything you always wanted to know about screws, but were afraid to ask. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 82-85 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now Many of the tools and fasteners we use in woodworking have been around for thousands of years. The concept of the screw goes back to...


Rethinking Shaker Design

An examination of the furniture built by the Western communities expands our notions of what is ‘Shaker.’ By Kerry Pierce Pages: 72-78 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now The restored Shaker community at Pleasant Hill, Ky., gives admirers of Shaker architecture, furniture and life an opportunity to get very close...


Tri-Fold Storage Cabinet

This versatile piece is useful for more than hiding plastic boxes. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 64-71 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now Electronic entertainment is a permanent reality in almost every home. Unfortunately the media used to store that entertainment changes quickly. From 8-track to CD and VHS to...


Modifying Stock Chisels

Out-of-the box chisels can derail your chances of tight dovetails. Improve almost any tool with these quick fixes. By Lonnie Bird Pages: 61-63 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now In my recent article on cutting dovetails (“Your First Handcut Dovetails,” February 2005) I stated that the process of creating this...