February 2004 #139

Popular Woodworking February 2004Our seven-part series on routers continues in the February 2004 issue of Popular Woodworking with a look at joinery. Learn how to use your router to make 14 must-know router joints.

Check out 10 (mostly inexpensive and quick) things you should do to make your workbench more useful.

Bob Flexner reveals how although it is a poor finish when used alone, wax truly excels when used as a polish.

Learn a great way to try cold-bending with an Eames-style Table.

Two new rip-tooth dozukis now on the market are efficient dovetailers.

Your table saw can easily cut curves, patterns and tenons in just one pass with this incredible (but amazingly simple) Jim Tolpin Rip Fence.

Find out how much weight an MDF shelf can handle.

Visit the three shops of David Honhollen, who shed a career in sales to carve wildlife for executives.

The best-looking joint for the corners of casework is a miter. We get to the bottom of the real trick: cutting and clamping them.

Even if you own a powered joiner, you should learn how to get a superior edge joint with just a hand plane.

Plus our Tool Test, Q&A, pages of great Tricks of the Trade and much more!

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

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Tool Test: FastCap TriTape Includes Notepad and Sharpener

By David Thiel Page: 33 From the February 2004 issue #139 Buy this issue now When you check something with a tape measure, your next action is most likely writing down a dimension. For that you need a sharp pencil and a notepad. The TriTapes from FastCap make this routine easy. Available in 16′...


Out on a Limb: Join the Club or Get Some Class

By Steve Shanesy Page: 10 From the February 2004 issue #139 Buy this issue now One drawback to woodworking is that it tends to be a solitary activity. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my time alone in the shop, away from all the stress of my “other world.” And to some degree, this...