December 2004

Popular Woodworking December 2004The December 2004 issue of Popular Woodworking focuses on turning. We pick the best mini-lathes and offer two holiday turning projects – Judy Ditmer’s spindle ornaments and Dale Nish’s birdhouse ornaments.

Find smart storage for small shops with six superior toolbox solutions.

Learn how to build a Shaker bench – an easy heirloom.

We pick the best new tools of 2004.

Check out these two simple jigs to make cutting and routing small parts easy.

Discover six strategies for smooth-fitting, wicked-tight sliding dovetails.

Visit the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.

An easy-to-build, contemporary torsion-box desk is detailed.

Woodworking Essentials continues with basic table saw joinery.

We put Rob Cosman’s “Rough to Ready” video, Craftsman’s Twin Cutter and Starrett’s ProSite Protractor through our Tool Test.

Learn how to fight evil alien technology.

Plus, Tricks of the Trade, Q&A and much more.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

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Best New Tools: 2004

By the Popular Woodworking staff Pages: 61-65 Every year, the Best New Tools article is the one that everyone on the staff looks forward to. Each editor picks his or her favorite tools introduced during the calendar year and makes a list that’s passed around. Then we have to defend our recommendations to the...


Woodworking Essentials: Basic Joinery

By Nick Engler Pages: 45-52 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now There are three basic saw cuts: crosscuts, rips and miters. Crosscuts are made perpendicular to the wood grain, rips are cut parallel to the grain and miters are made at angles diagonally across the grain. None of these requires...


Shaker-inspired Bench

Some simple adaptations turn this 19th-century bench into a modern mudroom necessity. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 38-43 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now There is an old Shaker hymn called “Simple Gifts” that begins with this line: “Tis the gift to be simple.” This bench carries many of the...


At the Lathe: Spindle Ornaments

A painted finish is easy to apply when using a lathe. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 35-37 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now In spring, a young man’s fancy may turn to thoughts of love, but in autumn, a woodturner’s fancy turns to thoughts of gifts that can be made on...


Power-tool Joinery: Sliding Dovetails

Strong and versatile, this joint is simple to make with a router. By Bill Hylton Pages: 30-32 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now For the woodworker who builds furniture and cabinets, the sliding dovetail is a joint well worth mastering. It’s strong and versatile, with myriad applications, from case construction...


Tool Test: Starrett ProSite Protractor

By David Thiel Page: 28 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now While most woodworkers will go out of their way to avoid having to do accurate miter work, we all have to do it at some time. Whether it’s adding a bonnet to a highboy or simply fitting an entertainment...


Tool Test: Revolutionary No-kickback Saw

By David Thiel Page: 28 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now Two things to know about the Twin Cutter: One, this is a truly amazing saw. Two, you don’t need one in your woodworking shop. Let’s start with the amazing. The concept of the Twin Cutter saw is that there...