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Tight-fitting dovetails don't require a big jig or years of experience with a back saw, just a few tricks, your router and a band saw.

$19.99 Dovetail Jig

Seems to me that most people think there are only two ways to cut half-blind dovetails: by hand or with a jig that can cost as much as $300. There's a much better way.

Behind the left door are five 3/4"-thick adjustable solid-wood shelves, perfect for heavier games and books. Behind the right door are 10 1/4"-tempered Masonite shelves, perfect for storing letterhead, envelopes, CDs and other home-office related items.

Shaker Storage Cabinet

With two different shelving systems, this face-frame cabinet stores light or heavy stuff. Just look at these drawings, techniques and plans to see for yourself.