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I've been a hobby woodworker since 1998, and I love to build furniture, small projects and the like. When I'm not woodworking, I am a Public Information Officer and disaster preparedness teacher, proud dad and husband and fairly decent home cook.

Bless this mess

Project Ideas for Katie, Nicole … and the Boys

With Carolina and Lauren off the list, I now have a bit of time to go before my next build. My niece Katie – Lauren’s younger sister – turns 15 this year, so I have some time to think about wood choice, design elements and final construction details. My youngest niece Nicole is just...


Lauren’s Hope Chest Plans – A Shipping Dilemma

The next niece to turn 16 was Lauren. The oldest child of my wife’s sister Christine, Lauren has been a real joy to watch grow up. Gifted athletically, she is a whiz at lacrosse and has the stride to rule her high school’s cross country team. She’s also gunning to become a marine biologist,...


Building a Hope Chest for Carolina

My eldest niece, Carolina, was where the whole idea began. It was great to start with her for several reasons. My wife Rhonda and I are her godparents, and we babysat with her numerous times when she was just a little tyke. I still have the kitchen timer in the shape of a bottle...

What is a hope chest? Tom Iovino answered the question by making a couple and giving them to his nieces.

What is a Hope Chest? It’s What You Make It

I am the proud father of two boys. These little guys – not too little anymore – have been the pride of my life since my wife and I first found out that we were expecting more than 16 years ago. It has been a wild ride watching them grow up through the years....