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Tom is the former Online Community Editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine. He "retired" to study for four years in China.

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Understanding Wood: Four Structure Types

All hardwoods have vessels (little pipelines) that are used in sap production. The size and distribution of these vessels vary among species; some are visible to the naked eye. When the vessels are cut across the end grain, they’re often referred to as pores, thus hardwoods are known as “porous woods” (see below for...

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Your Basic Guide to Chisels

Common Types and Sizes Bevel-edge Chisel (at left): Long edges are ground to an angle to allow the tool to get into tight spaces, such as between dovetails. It is not designed for heavy chopping. A common variant is the paring chisel, which has a longer, thinner blade. Mortising Chisel (at right): A thick...


12-12-12 Sale!

Folks, this is it. The world won’t see another day like today, numerologically speaking, for almost 90 years. And savings-wise, we’re offering up deals at that you just may never see again in your lifetime – that is, unless you plan on living to Jan. 1, 2101 (yes, we plan sales up to...


Dec. 11th Prize: General International 10” Left-Tilt Table Saw

Woodworkers from all across the country have been signing up in droves for our 31 Days of Christmas Sweepstakes. Hopefully you’re already in on the action – but in case you’ve been neglecting to toss your name in hat each day, I wanted to remind you of just how amazing tomorrow’s prize is. We’re...


Get Your Holiday Woodworking Gifts!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite woodworking gifts for the holidays over at our store. In the short-but-diverse list, you’re sure to find a gift for every woodworker you know – perhaps even yourself. Flexner on Finishing – Bob Flexner’s definitive guide to finishing has everything a woodworker needs to know – Save 40%...

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This Year Christmas is 31 Days

          For woodworkers everywhere, this year Christmas will last the entire month of December. Beginning this Saturday, we’ll be holding a sweepstakes every single day – that’s 31 fabulous prizes for 31 lucky winners, and over $9,000 worth of stuff! Check them all out here on the holiday prize calendar....


The Essential Videos for Woodworking Value Pack

Advance your skills by watching master woodworkers in action. Join some of the country’s top craftsmen as they clearly demonstrate tips, tricks and techniques in this exclusive offer of 12 of our top woodworking videos. Act now while supplies last!

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We Have an Auction Winner!

Brian Zirkle of St. Louis, Mo., placed the winning bid in our Charity Book/DVD Auction. For $251.00 he’s getting a wonderful collection of Chris Schwarz’s books and DVDs, all signed by the author himself – and of course the entirety of his bid goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, so he gets to...

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Popular Woodworking Charity Book/DVD Auction with Chris Schwarz

This week, we’ve gathered a collection of Christopher Schwarz’s best books and DVDs, each signed by the author himself, for an auction to benefit cancer research. One-hundred percent of the final auction value of the items will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Go now to our eBay auction page and enter a...