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Steve Shanesy is the former publisher (and former editor and senior editor) of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Following his retirement, he is now a contributing editor, blogging about what he's doing in his own shop.

My Moser harvest table.

Moser Table Spared

My Thos. Moser dining table will remain as built, if unused for the foreseeable future. Some weeks ago I was considering rebuilding it so it would fit in a much smaller dining space my wife and I now have. At the time I posed that question on this blog, I had pretty much concluded...


New Yankee Workshop Adirondack Chair

In 2005 I had the good fortune to spend a couple days with Norm Abram at his New Yankee Workshop building one of the program’s most popular projects – an Adirondack chair. Norm and I each built a chair from a plan he developed that was based on a chair his father built years...


10 Reasons You Should Attend Woodworking in America

You’ve probably heard favorable comments from woodworkers who attended our Woodworking in America conference in prior years. Those of us here at Popular Woodworking Magazine who plan the event are confident both conferences this year are sure to please as well. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about attending this year, here are...

Tom Moser

Thos. Moser On Steve’s Table Dilemma

A couple weeks back I posted a blog titled “Would You Cut Up This Table?” The table in question is my dining room table. I bought it from Thos. Moser back in 1979. Our kids grew up around this 8’ long harvest table and we have many fond memories associated with it. In fact,...

glue pic

Best Wood Glue Surface, Smooth or Rough?

From time to time I hear someone comment about a woodworking practice that runs totally contrary to what I’ve been taught. One of these is what kind of wood surface yields the strongest joint when using wood glues, typically white or yellow glue, but also hide glue. This came up a few weeks ago....

Elliptical Shapes Using Simple Geometry – video

In our soon-to-be-mailed August issue, furniture maker Freddy Roman discusses the use of elliptical shapes. Freddy uses them frequently in the Federal-style furniture he makes. In the article, he shows three easy ways to generate the shapes using simple geometry. Not only do these techniques allow you draw the shapes, but they can be...

IMG_1856 copy

Would You Cut Up This Table?

Just over 30 years ago I bought a dining table from Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers and it changed my life. How? When the 8′-long Shaker-style harvest table was delivered, I studied it for awhile and naively concluded I could build it. At that time I knew almost nothing about woodworking. But I was curious to...


Favorite Jointer Push Block

Last week I posted my favorite table saw push stick. (By the way, I later added a full size pattern.) This week, I continue the theme with a push block for the jointer. I made the one in the picture 17 years ago when I started with the magazine. It’s seen a lot of...


Favorite Table Saw Push Stick

The push stick you use with your table saw is an integral part of the safety system that helps keep you out of harm’s way. As such, don’t take the lowly push stick for granted. There are numerous push stick styles and designs, some shop-made and others store-bought, but in my view, not all...