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Robert W. Lang is a former executive editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine.


Fitting Drawers One Piece at a Time

Nice fitting drawers are one of my favorite parts of making stuff out of wood. There is nothing like the appearance of even and minimal gaps and nothing like the feel of an easy sliding drawer that won’t get stuck when the seasons change. Meeting both goals at the same time is a challenge,...


Byrdcliffe Linen Press Door Patterns

One of my favorite projects is the Byrdcliffe Linen Press that I built for the April 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. It’s one of the 14 project articles included in my new book “Classic Arts & Crafts Furniture: 14 Timeless Designs”. When the original article was published, we posted full-size patterns for the...


Simple Blocks Let You Work at a Comfortable Height

There is one question in woodworking that has no correct answer. The question? How high should the top of my bench be? Any answer will only be right for certain tasks. Optimize the height for planing and it’s too low for dovetailing. Make it a comfortable height for running a router and you’ll need...


Nexabond Instant Adhesive Test

A week ago, in a report from AWFS, our boss Kevin Ireland reported on a new instant adhesive, Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive. It won an Innovation Award at AWFS and it’s worth a look. It’s made just down the road from us in Loveland, Ohio and the other day I had a chance...


Additional Toshio Odate Images – October 2013

One of our favorite authors, Toshio Odate, is featured in an article in our October 2013 issue. In the story, Toshio relates his experience as an apprentice in Japan and builds a latticed entry door to his studio. The project is similar to what he was making in the 1950s. It isn’t exactly a...


How Quartersawn White Oak is Sawn

Most woodworkers have an idea of what quartersawn wood is. The accepted definition is that the growth rings are between 60° and 90° to the wide face of the board. In some species, notably white oak, this exposes the medullary rays and changes the figure from “that’s nice” to WOW!” Where things fall apart...


Hooray For the Router

I’ve spent the last couple days working on a project for our December issue. It’s a wall-hung tool cabinet and when I designed it, I included several drawers and arranged them for both function and for looks. To keep things interesting, there is some asymmetry to the drawer layout. I couldn’t leave well enough...


Weekend Stool Class August 17 & 18, 2013

Build the infamous and seemingly impossible Chinese stool with Bob Lang, in a special weekend class at the Popular Woodworking Magazine Shop. Once in a great while, we invite readers into the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop to build a project along with one of the editors while we film a video. Back in 2010,...


Details and Dimensions From a SketchUp Model

One of the reasons I prefer to plan projects from SketchUp models is how easy it is to extract information from the model. In my earlier days I  prepared shop drawings with pencil and paper, and later on with a 2D CAD program. That type of drawing requires a great deal of care to...