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Lessons From Roubo

Saturday mornings are among the best hours I get all week. My wife and daughters all like to sleep in late, but I get up early, make coffee, and use that quiet time to read, draw or write. It was a Saturday morning when I turned to Plate 280 of the new translation of...


How to Make ‘Condor Tails’

An ingenious way to combine routers, a band saw and hand tools for big dovetails. by Jameel Abraham pages 48-53 from the August 2011 issue click on the photos below to make them larger I know what you’re thinking: “Another opinion on how to cut dovetails.” I hear you. But this one’s different. I...


12 Rules for Tool Chests

Christopher Schwarz has produced some terrific blog posts recently on the topic of hand tool storage. For those of you who read those posts and decide to build a traditional tool chest, the following excerpt from the Chris Schwarz archives may be very helpful. It provides some additional depth on each of the key...

Design development on graph paper

Sketching and Design Development

In addition to using sketching to solve problems on the fly in the shop, I also use quick sketches while making formal drawings to visualize the appearance of the finished drawing. When I’m at a museum or an auction, I take along pencil and paper and make quick sketches for use at a later...


3 Types of Classic Tools you Should Question

It is important to understand which classic tools should be bought and which shouldn’t. Because tools vary in quality, many are not worth owning. In fact, you must be careful and selective. The majority of second-hand tools are, for one or more of the following reasons, unsuitable for use. Antique Tools Beware of tools...

Anatomy of a try square

All About Try Squares

One of my favorite parts of our now-retired publication, Woodworking Magazine, was the back cover. Each issue featured a handy, illustrated guide to something every woodworker should know – and about which some woodworkers are too proud to ask. The following post on try squares is a perfect example. We are releasing the new...


Working with Veneer for a Patterned Table Top

The magazine’s August 2014 article by Mario Rodriguez on building a mid-century coffee table features a terrific section about working with veneer for a patterned top. You can read Mario’s technique description below. Subscribe to the digital version of the magazine for fastest delivery of all our wonderful content. –Dan Farnbach The veneered top...

New workbenches are great, but there are other options.

How to Fix Your Current Workbench

You don’t have to build or buy a new workbench if you’re frustrated with the one you have. There are ways to improve your bench so it will be more useful. Here are some strategies. Problem No. 1: My bench is too lightweight. I chase it around the shop when working. Add weight by...


Soup Up a Veneer Saw with Mario Rodriguez

Once at a woodworking show, I witnessed Frank Pollaro making up veneered chess boards. He must have produced more than 30 pieces and each was perfect. The seams were tight and clean; there was no tear-out or split veneer. What impressed me most was that he was getting these results straight from his veneer...