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VIDEO – Buying Lumber, and Lumber Terminology

Popular Woodworking magazine visits Frank Miller Lumber to cover the basics about purchasing lumber straight from a mill or at a lumber retailer. In addition, we get a lesson on quarternsawn lumber including ray flecks and medullary rays.

VIDEO – Using a Jointer to Taper Legs for Furniture

Some woodworkers taper legs at a band saw or at a table saw, we show you how to use a jointer and accomplish the task with two passes over the knives. There's minimal setup at the tool. You're tapering on no time and the process is repeatable with any number of legs.

VIDEO – Jet Celebrates 50 Years at IWF (Sponsored)

Jet turns 50 this year, and to celebrate they've redesigned some of their best machines.

A whole new family of bandsaws and an added oscillation feature on a popular drum sander are certainly milestone's for this company's 50 years of serving woodworkers.

VIDEO – Stopped Grooves

Making stopped grooves with power tools or hand tools can be tricky. Learn how to create this technique and improve your woodworking abilities.

VIDEO – Five Questions with The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo, and his wife Nicole stopped by the Popular Woodworking shop to visit and gather video for the Wood Whisperer website. While here we roped them into an interview hosted by Editor Christopher Schwarz. Marc talks about his website, podcasts and the direction of woodworking information. If you're familiar with...