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VIDEO – Incredible Forstner Bits

The new German-made Colt MaxiCut Forstner bits are among our Best New Tools of 2008 – and this video will show you why. Watch as we cut cleanly – and incredibly quickly – through the hardest stock with no clogging or burning.
Editor's Note: These bits are not yet available in the United States,...

VIDEO – Using a Jointer to Taper Legs for Furniture

Some woodworkers taper legs at a band saw or at a table saw, we show you how to use a jointer and accomplish the task with two passes over the knives. There's minimal setup at the tool. You're tapering on no time and the process is repeatable with any number of legs.


VIDEO – Jet Celebrates 50 Years at IWF (Sponsored)

Jet turns 50 this year, and to celebrate they've redesigned some of their best machines.

A whole new family of bandsaws and an added oscillation feature on a popular drum sander are certainly milestone's for this company's 50 years of serving woodworkers.