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VIDEO – Smashing Planes

After reviewing some planes for the June 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking, Editor Christopher Schwarz wanted to determine what type of iron made up a new plane from China. So we quickly grabbed the camera to show you a time-tested technique for testing iron composition. (Hint: it involves an anvil and a heavy hammer).

VIDEO – Slanted Setup for Spring Joints

Senior Editor Glen D. Huey explains why he sets his jointer knives at a slant and then shows you how to make a spring joint for edge joining using this method. This video is complimentary to the April 2009 article "Three Ways to Make Edge Joints."

VIDEO – Upgrade Your Workbench

Rob Porcaro demonstrates his workbench upgrades from his home workshop. See his ideas in use, then build them from the pages of the November 2007 issue of the magazine. ...

VIDEO – The Wood Whisperer – Free-form Sculpting

Marc Spagnuolo shows you how just a few simple tools and techniques can add sculpting skills to your woodworking arsenal.