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Megan is the editor and content director of Popular Woodworking Magazine. She prefers using hand tools because they rarely make loud noises. Unless they fall off the bench.


Fast & Fun Gift Projects

It’s that time of year when some of you might be scrambling to get a gift or two built on or before December 24. Might I recommend you take a look at the many simple (but good-looking) free projects from our “I Can Do That” files? As far as I can tell, the most...

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Woodpile Reindeer Project for the Holidays

I’ve been know to make fun of the 1997 “Stumpy the Reindeer” project…but I have to admit that it’s a cute and simple decorative piece for the holidays – and one you can make in about 10 minutes if you leave out the card slot in the reindeer’s back (and in 20 if you...


Bosch Barrel-grip Battery-powered Jigsaw

Because of its lower profile, I prefer a barrel-grip jigsaw to a top-handle. I feel as if having my hand closer to the work gives me better control, not only because the tool feels less tippy, but because I find it slightly easier to guide. And I quite like this new 12-volt, lithium-ion powered...


Tool Test: EZ Pinch Stick for Checking Square on Glue-ups

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 16 “Pinch rods” or “pinch sticks” are, at their most basic, two thin pieces of pointy material that are held together loosely enough at the center to move, but can be locked down. Put a point corner to corner in a carcase, lock the sticks, then check that setting against...


‘Cincinnati Edition’ on Woodworking

Earlier this afternoon, Christopher Schwarz (contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and editor at Lost Art Press), Andy Brownell (Brownell Furniture) and I were on WVXU’s weekly talk show “Cincinnati Edition” discussing the art and craft of woodworking with host Mark Heyne and callers. Click here to listen. Among the things Mark asked was...

Watch Follansbee & Underhill for a Streaming Good Time

Now streaming on PBS is the recent episode of The Woodwright’s Shop in which Peter Follansbee (the Arts & Mysteries columnist for Popular Woodworking Magazine) shows Roy Underhill how he hews out huge bowls. It’s a good one – watch below: — Megan Fitzpatrick P.S. If, like me, you can’t get enough of “The...


Carl ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Bilderback

I’m sad to report that this evening, Carl Bilderback passed away. I’m so glad to have had him as a friend. The below is bumped up from October. If you’re among the following, move along…nothing new to see here: • Members of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association • Longtime readers of this blog and...