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Megan is the editor and content director of Popular Woodworking Magazine. She prefers using hand tools because they rarely make loud noises. Unless they fall off the bench.

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Tool Test: Lee Valley Tools Glue Pot & Tabletop Warmer

This stainless steel replica of a late 19th-century double-boiler cast iron glue pot from Landers, Frary & Clark is both cute and useful – despite its diminutive size (3″ diameter x 2-3⁄8″ height). The outer pot holds 2-1⁄2 fluid ounces of water to keep the contents of the inner pot from scorching when it’s...

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Woodworking in America 2016: Registration Now Open

We’ve just launched the full website for Woodworking in America 2016, September 16-18 in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, and registration is now open (early bird rates through June 10). This year, we’re delighted to welcome back some familiar faces (Roy Underhill, Mary May, Alf Sharp, Christopher Schwarz, Marc Adams, Wilbur Pan, Freddy Roman, James Hamilton, George...

Steve Voigt

Steve Voigt on Using Wooden Planes

Steve Voigt, a maker of superb double-iron wooden planes, was one of the many exhibitors at the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Braxton Brewing Co. in Covington, Ky., last weekend. You can read more about him in this post on the Lost Art Press blog – but before you click through, take a few...


‘Make a Traditional English Tool Chest’

I have a love-hate relationship with “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” the book (now in its eighth printing) that inspired our new “Make a Traditional English Tool Chest” DVD set and download video with Christopher Schwarz. You see, that’s the book that gave him the impetus to step down as editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine,...

Christopher Schwarz talks about staked furniture at WIA 2015 (with Roy Underhill manning the camera).

A Little Glimpse at Woodworking in America 2016

I now have 99.9 percent of the speakers and sessions nailed down (and yes, we actually have a session on nails) for Woodworking in America 2016 (September 16-18 in Greater Cincinnati) , and the conference staff is busy getting the web site ready to launch for registration (which is projected to open at the...

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Convert Veritas Plow Plane to Beading Plane

So this is clever (and a nice benefit for customers) – Lee Valley announced today a(nother) use for the Veritas Small Plow Plane; a beading blade kit is now available. That’s cool (I do love a nice bead) – but what’s perhaps more cool is that while the plane has been slightly redesigned to...


Build a Bat House

Readers of my personal blog know that I’ve run into some unexpected challenges with my little house rehab project: knob-and-tube wiring…and bats. The wiring is now about 80-percent new (the other 20 percent will be done later this year or next), but I have to wait for the bats to wake up from their...

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Can You Draw Skippy the Turtle?

OK – I’m not really looking for someone who can draw a turtle; I need an illustrator who can take over our Tricks and Letters drawings, to develop digitally deliverable images (four to six illustrations per issue, seven issues per year) working from photos and text. And obviously, a solid understanding of woodworking is...

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Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event March 11-12. And Beer.

I must admit I’m more excited than usual for this year’s Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event in Greater Cincinnati (March 11-12). And it might have a little something to do with my not having to clean up our offices for it, and not having to borrow our neighbor’s forklift. We’ll be there (along with an...