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Megan is the editor and content director of Popular Woodworking Magazine. She prefers using hand tools because they rarely make loud noises. Unless they fall off the bench.

campaign hardware

Campaign Hardware Question (& Answer)

The question below on campaign hardware came over the transom for Christoper Schwarz. If you’re looking for more info on the subject, click here for the search results on Chris’ blog – he’s written a lot about it, tried out hardware from a number of suppliers, and discussed how to install it. I have...

No, it's not a video; it's screen capture of a video...that you'll just have to wait to see.

Traveling Tool Chest with a Mind-blowing Surprise

Christopher Schwarz and Jameel Abraham are working together on a tool chest article for the August and October issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Chris built the box; Jameel created a carved marquetry panel for the lid. Yes – a carved marquetry panel. The chest is built to travel, is based on the many vintage...

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Campaign Chair Finish Questions

I am building my first campaign chair with hard maple. Can you recommend a finish to make a darker look to the light color of the maple? Also, Christopher recommended ‘black wax’ in the video.  Will that work on my maple and where can you buy black wax? Ken FWIW, I like the look...


Get Woodworking & ‘I Can Do That’

OK – so I’m two days late on posting about Get Woodworking Week 2015, Feb 15-21. And that feels about right, because it always takes me a day or three longer than planned to get away from my computer and into the shop. (Case in point – we were closed for President’s Day yesterday,...


Wonky ‘Corner Table’ Build (& Thank You SketchUp)

Believe me – I’m at least 10 times as tired of my kitchen rehab as you probably are. But there’s one last big project to tackle before I can call it (almost) done. That’s a counter-height (and counter-topped) table for a wonky curved corner to the left of the stove. Because that’s where the...

gunstock scraper 1

Grandpa’s Shop-made Gunstock Scraper

I was in Florida for a few days last week visiting my brother, niece, mom and stepfather. I stayed with my brother, Ian, who, like me (and other family members), inherited some woodworking tools from my grandfather. And as always when visiting with relatives, I pawed through the tools to see what interesting specimens...

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20,000 Pages of Woodworking, One Low Price

Right now, we’re offering a “kit” that includes just about every page from every woodworking magazine in our store through 2014. In the “20,000 Pages of Woodworking Ultimate Collection,” you get the Popular Woodworking Magazine 1995-2013 DVD (which also includes a bonus video, “Finishes that Pop”), the 2014 Popular Woodworking Magazine compilation CD, the...


My Virtual Inspiration Folder

When I first began building things, I kept a manila folder in which I stored pages torn from magazines and museum catalogs, as well as photos of pieces (and other things) that inspired me. It was always a jumbled mess – but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; having to shift through the pages...


For 1 Job, Biscuit Joiner Can’t be Beat

I use a biscuit joiner for one thing, and one thing only: Cutting slots for the L-shaped wooden “buttons” I use to attach tops to tables (and tops to table-like things such as my kitchen island shown above) and case pieces. The buttons themselves are cut at the table saw, usually out of whatever...