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Megan is the editor and content director of Popular Woodworking Magazine. She prefers using hand tools because they rarely make loud noises. Unless they fall off the bench.

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Chairmakers’ Roundtable at Woodworking in America

Because of the wealth of many excellent chairmakers who are teaching at Woodworking in America 2014 (Sept. 12-14, Winston-Salem. N.C.), among our session offerings is the Chairmakers’ Roundtable, on Saturday afternoon. Initially, the panel discussion was slated to include Peter Galbert, Drew Langser, Don Williams and Phil Lowe. Chuck Bender, who is also an...


Greene & Greene-inspired Games Table

At the Lie-Nielsen show in our shop in April, 16-year-old Jalen Waggoner (whom you might remember for his Blacker House chair, which was featured in the November 2013 issue as a winner in the PWM Excellence Awards) stopped in, and brought with him his latest project in progress: a Greene & Greene-inspired games table....


Four-hour Pot Rack

The headline is a bit misleading – this really took me only about two hours to build, start to finish, including a break to empty the dust collector. But I’m counting the one-and-a-half hours in between when I dropped off the metal bits to be cut to length and when they were ready to...


Renewal Scam Alert

As good as I think our magazine is, it’s not worth $59.95 a year*. A scam company is perpetrating fraud with the spurious renewal offer pictured above. Do not respond. (And please know that we are taking steps with the U.S. Postal Service and consumer agencies to address the problem and take appropriate legal...

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Catharine Kennedy, Coping Saws & More in August

Our designer, Dan Pessell, is putting the final file touches on the August issue, which leaves our hands on Thursday. So I should be hard at work editing articles now for October and beyond. I am, but I needed a break. So here’s a quick look at what’s coming up in the August issue...


Dovetail Marking Gauge Roundup

Whenever one of my dovetail marking gauges shows up in the magazine, in a blog post or a tweet, I get questions about it – so I’ve written about it before. And today, I got another question about the one (shown above) that I use in a YouTube video on using dividers to lay...


Zachary Dillinger a 2014 EAL Top Traditional Craftsman

Woodworker Zachary Dillinger, of Charlotte, Mich., has been named to Early American Life magazine’s 2014 Directory of Traditional American Crafts in the Painted/Formal Furniture category. You’ll find this year’s list in the magazine’s June issue. Zach (whose spice chest shown at left was featured in our August 2013 issue), is only 30 years old,...


The Rule of 3 – How to Sharpen

Among the fundamental skills necessary for good woodworking, I’d put knowing how to sharpen your edge tools at the top of the list. Even if you consider yourself a power-tool woodworker, I’ll bet you have at least a chisel (or two) and a block plane in your kit that need sharpening from time to...