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Matthew is a former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

East Tennessee chairmaker Curtis Buchanan was invited to show this bold design, which mixes the Windsor chairs he usually builds with the chairs he teaches as part of the GreenWood Project.

Should Furniture Be Judged?

Recently I had the privilege of serving as one of the judges for an upcoming furniture exhibition of the Cumberland Furniture Guild, a group of mostly Tennessee furniture makers (full disclosure: I’m also a member and on the board the Guild.) Having been on the maker’s side of the “judging” process, I know that submitting...

Knife a line directly oft the tail

Installing a Drawer Stretcher

I’ve been working on a cherry and bird’s-eye maple entry table for the October 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and as I was installing the upper drawer stretcher I remembered how puzzled I was when faced with cutting my first one. It’s just a single dovetail cut on the end of the stretcher...

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 11.00.11 AM

Slideshow: Cut a Perfectly Matched Lid from a Box

The August 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine features an article titled “4 Boxes, 4 Ways,” in which each editor built one of his or her favorite box designs. For the box I made, I put together a short slideshow on the technique I use for separating the lid from the box after glue-up....

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Slideshow: Cutting Keyed Miter Joints

Slideshow: Keyed Miter Joints   I like the decorative effect that keyed miter joints lend to an otherwise simple box. But they also add a great deal of strength to a notoriously weak joint. Here’s a quick slideshow on cutting and installing keys in miter joints using a very simple jig featured in the...

Hinge Comparison

Sources for Rule Joint Hinges

Coming soon (June 12) in the August 2012 Issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is an article by Willard Anderson titled “Rule Joints by Hand and Power,” which explains the history of rule joints, walks you through the process of cutting them and explains how the hinges work. When it comes time to hinge the...

Both the placement and the depth of the hinge mortise determine how smoothly the joint works.

Positioning Rule Joint Hinges

Coming soon (June 12) in the August 2012 Issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, is an article by  Willard Anderson titled “Rule Joints by Hand and Power,” which both explains the history of rule joints and walks you through the process of cutting them. After cutting the joint, part of the secret to creating a...

Slideshow: A Better Way to Glue Up Boxes

I’ve written before about my love of stringed packing tape – it deepens and matures every day. Here’s a short slideshow I put together on one of its best uses: gluing up small boxes. Using clamps to glue up any small box is tricky and almost always frustrating. The clamps are too large for...

highland plane

New Episode of ‘The Highland Woodworker’

The second episode of “The Highland Woodworker” web TV show is out and if you haven’t seen this new show yet, it’s definitely worth a look. Produced in conjunction with Highland Hardware in Atlanta, the show provides great woodworking advice and visits with some of the best woodworkers out there. (The first episode included...