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Glen Huey is editor of American Woodworker Magazine, and former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. He's an accomplished period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books and videos (as well as magazine articles).


A Better Woodworking Push Block

Say the name GRR-Ripper and most woodworkers who own a table saw know the product. It’s a great tool to use for ripping, especially when cutting thin strips or on odd configurations – I use the tool when I demonstrate making the chevron inlay for the spice box door from the December 2001 issue...

Dual Dados 2

Two Dados, Two Ways

This week I was in the shop working on an upcoming magazine article. On the case back there are two dados that locate and hold the drawer dividers of the project. For me, that generally means I pick up my router and get busy. This time, because I needed two matching slots, I decided...


Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit

Four corner-positioned lift screws raise this design above the competition. by Glen D. Huey page 14 The Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit (#40-200) from General International is a complete shop setup that was introduced in late 2012. In adding the kit to our shop, we were reminded of its outstanding features. The major components...


Drill Holes Straight & Square

If you’ve been around woodworking as long as I have, then this technique to drill holes straight is surely “old hat.” While it is an oldie, it is also a goodie, especially if you don’t have or cannot fit your workpiece under a drill press. When working on the lowboy discovered in the back...


Senco Unveils New 23-gauge Pinners

It’s great to have woodworking-related companies close to our magazine shop. Here in Cincinnati, we have Gorilla Glue, Bioformix (makers of Nexabond 2500M adhesive) and Senco within shouting distance. And yesterday, a couple of guys from Senco stopped by to show us the new 23-gauge pinners coming out soon. The two tools (FinishPro23SXP and...

Lady's Desk

Most-asked Woodworking Questions

Throughout the years I’ve been here at Popular Woodworking Magazine, there are only two woodworking questions that find their way into my inbox on a regular basis. The number of times I’ve answered the question about the router bit I used to plunge-cut workbench holes into my Shaker Workbench from December 2007 (#166) is...

McNabb & Co. City Wheel

The Next Generation of Woodworkers

Last month, Jet and Powermatic sponsored an event in Nashville, Tenn., at which Powermatic showed its new PM1000 (we have one in the shop that we’re currently testing). Jet unveiled a new band saw (I wrote about it in this blog) and a few other tools such as a couple of smaller lathes and...


Simple-to-build Shop Drawers

Because we have just about put to bed the current issue and due to the upcoming holiday weekend, I had a little free time to be out in the shop. Look out workbench, here I come – again. Today I worked on the shop drawers that slip into boxes that will eventually fit inside...

Eco System

Eco-series HVLP Spray System: A New Lower $$ Setup

There’s a new HVLP spray system series available. It’s aimed at small shops and do-it-yourselfer and that means your out-of-pocket suffers less. We like that. The new series of HVLP sprayers is American made from the great state of California. The Eco series of spray systems is by ASI-HVLP. What do you know about...