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Glen Huey is editor of American Woodworker Magazine, and former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. He's an accomplished period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books and videos (as well as magazine articles).

Ron Herman DVD

Video Shorts with Ron Herman

As editors, we search our two web sites ( and constantly for information for the online extras portion of all  articles and most columns – the information, we hope, is both relevant and interesting. While searching the sites, I often come across books, articles and DVDs that have scads of interesting information, including...

Rob Millard_1011

Woodworking: Learn Something New Every Day

One the greatest aspects of woodworking is that there are always new things to learn. When I began building furniture, I set my sights on a few complex projects which I figured I could build when I had gained experience. The closer I got to building those pieces, the more I knew how much...


Period Hardware, Too

Significant changes in furniture came about as we moved from William & Mary (W&M) designs to those of the Queen Anne period. Generally we talk about cabriole legs and dovetail joinery being the big changes. Dovetails moved from clunky, chunky and evenly sized tails and pins to a more refined design as we clawed...

Traveling Wall

A Chance to Say Thanks

With Woodworking in America (WIA) and the Hand Tool Olympics (HTO) getting underway on Friday, Oct. 18, I wanted to let everyone know about another event you should catch while you’re here in town. This weekend the Vietnam Traveling Wall Memorial will be set up and on display at Union Township’s Veterans’ Memorial Park...


Freaky Friday

Woodworking in America is just a week away, so it’s best if you register for the conference (great woodworking information), or purchase your ticket for the marketplace (great tools) right away. For the editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine, this means we are all head-deep into preparation for our sessions, getting setups ready and dragging...

Photo taken from "The Masterworks of John and Thomas Seymour" by Robert D. Mussey Jr. (Peabody Essex Museum)

Pocket Screws with Fine Furniture

In the lowboy build that I’m working on for the February 2014 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, I’ve decided to use pocket screws to attach the lowboy top instead of driving nails through the top into the parts below. When some woodworkers hear that, I get the wrinkled-nose effect, as in “What the hell...


A Better Woodworking Push Block

Say the name GRR-Ripper and most woodworkers who own a table saw know the product. It’s a great tool to use for ripping, especially when cutting thin strips or on odd configurations – I use the tool when I demonstrate making the chevron inlay for the spice box door from the December 2001 issue...

Dual Dados 2

Two Dados, Two Ways

This week I was in the shop working on an upcoming magazine article. On the case back there are two dados that locate and hold the drawer dividers of the project. For me, that generally means I pick up my router and get busy. This time, because I needed two matching slots, I decided...


Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit

Four corner-positioned lift screws raise this design above the competition. by Glen D. Huey page 14 The Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit (#40-200) from General International is a complete shop setup that was introduced in late 2012. In adding the kit to our shop, we were reminded of its outstanding features. The major components...