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NEW RELEASE – Getting Started in Hand Tools Value Pack

From how to get started with hand tools to mastering (and super-tuning) your handplane, this exclusive value pack has it all. Learn everything from designing and building a proper tool chest to sharpening a saw, to cutting a huge array of joints. Get top-notch instruction in sharpening, chisels, awls, marking knives, spokeshaves, planes and...

150+ Projects to Outfit Your Yard!

Summer may be just around the corner but there’s still plenty of time to outfit your yard with the more than 150 attractive projects in this value pack. You’ll find something for every part of your yard—from chairs, benches, birdhouses and tables, to porch swings, planters and potting sheds.

"Specialy Legs Collection"

NOW AVAILABLE! The Woodworker’s Ultimate Router Value Pack

From choosing the best router to learning how to do inlay and fluting with a router, this exclusive value pack has everything you need. Learn how to make your own router guides from the experts of Popular Woodworking Magazine, discover 18 shop-made jigs for making sliding dovetails, perfect circles and more in the Complete...