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David Lyell

About David Lyell

David is the online content director for Popular Woodworking – he coordinates all of our online content, and gets in the shop whenever possible.

Frank Klausz

Video: Inside a Mortise with Frank Klausz

Woodworking is largely an exercise in subtraction. For much of what we do that subtraction is obvious – we can see the kerf left from a saw, we can watch the shavings fall out of our handplane and we brush shavings away from the work surface when we sand or scrape. In these instances,...

Meet David Lyell – Online Content Director

  Growing up I thought everyone had a Bridgeport in their garage – or at least had access to a vertical mill at their dad’s shop across town. Little did I know at the time that growing up in a machine shop wasn’t necessarily normal. My father instilled in me at a young age...

Video: How to Reduce Planer Snipe

Nearly every time that I approach the planer, I think to myself, how am I going to avoid snipe this time? Without fail, I end up with snipe at the leading or trailing edge at some point in the process to a varying degree. It has been rumored that some have totally mitigated the issue...