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Darrell Peart

About Darrell Peart

Darrell Peart is a professional furniture maker and the author of two books on building Greene & Greene furniture. He has been published on this and other subjects in numerous woodworking magazines, and also teaches woodworking and furniture design at locations from coast to coast.


Tweaking Greene & Greene

We had Darrell Peart in our shop a few weeks back to shoot a video, and though I was planning to write about it once the DVD was available, I certainly can’t describe it better than Darrell! (Though I will say what an honor and pleasure it was to have him visiting us for...


Making Greene & Greene Ebony Plugs

Ebony plugs are essential to the Greene & Greene style. In fact, it would be almost inconceivable to design a Greene & Greene piece without them. They are simple to make, but woodworkers often struggle with the process. Over many years of building and teaching in the Greene & Greene style, I have developed...