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Dan apprenticed and worked in two professional shops during the years after college. But sweeping shop floors only goes so far toward learning woodworking. These days Dan is a former online editor for Popular Woodworking, and is learning new skills every day. He divides his time between Boston and Maine.


A Guided Tour of all our Woodworking Videos

We are adding a significant chunk of video content to our line-up over the next year or so. We are also planning to overhaul and organize the video content that’s already in place, so that discovery of all our outstanding video instruction will be easier and more intuitive! Yes, it can be done –...

Joseph Moxon invented this style of vise. He also predicted the future of woodworking, if you ask me.

Moxon – Soothsayer?

Most of us know Joseph Moxon as the author of “Mechanick Exercises” – a now-famous early work on everything from joinery to smithing. He also invented a vise that sits higher than your typical twin-screw and helps for cutting dovetails by hand. Christopher Schwarz helped bring both of these works – the book and...

Mike Siemsen's hand tool school is a terrific place to improve your skills. Photo credit: Arlo Siemsen.

Hand Tool School – Q&A with Mike Siemsen

I caught up last week with Mike Siemsen, a professional woodworker and woodworking instructor in Minnnesota. Mike’s hand tool school is known far and wide as a practical and fun place to learn hand tool skills that can make you a better woodworker. But Mike’s expertise goes a lot farther than that. Here’s our conversation,...


Making Things

I’m into making things. I always have been. That interest may very well place me in the majority of human beings alive today – not to mention throughout history. But interest is one thing and skills are another. So is activity level, or having the time and energy for doing the work. It’s those...

Scale drawings and models can come in handy in mid-project. With snow on the ground, there's still plenty of time for my Adirondack chair!

Scale Drawings and Models in Mid-project

You usually think of scale drawings and models as the starting point for a project. Before you start milling lumber, cutting pieces and assembling parts, you either draw or buy a scaled plan. Some woodworkers also build a scale model so they can better visualize how parts will go together. But the pre-planning phase...


Spring into Using a Spokeshave

To celebrate the first day of spring, I bought myself a new tool. It wasn’t just an impulse buy. I had reached a sticking point in my Adirondack chair project the night before. Rather than spend any more hours staring at the boards in question, hoping they would change shape on their own, I...


First Workbench – Really First

I’m taking a couple days off in the deep woods (way offline). During this break I thought I’d run one of our most popular “Woodworking Daily” posts of all time – the summary of Robert Lang’s “Shop Box System.” If you have a good eye for cutting diagrams and plan views, you can build...

Biscuit Joinery, Just Because

A young lass I’m trying to impress wants to make a rustic shelf to hold books. She wants it to look and function sort of like a small bench. In other words, there’s no casework involved. The shelf would rest on a metal frame on the floor. Rather than buy a wide, somewhat expensive...


Build an Outdoor Chair from a Quick-start Plan

I’m taking a couple days off in the deep woods (way offline). During this break I thought I’d run one of our most popular “Woodworking Daily” posts of all time – the quick-start project plan for David Thiel’s Outdoor Limbert Chair. If you haven’t already started an Adirondack chair this spring, or if you...