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Chuck is a former senior editor of Popular Woodworking, and has 30+ years of experience as a high-end period furniture maker and woodworking teacher.

Pumping up the Senco crew before the event.

Senco Event Wrap-up

Last week’s Senco event here in the workshop at Popular Woodworking Magazine was a blast! If you missed it then you missed seeing, learning about and trying the best new tools Senco has to offer this year. The Senco crew came out in force to introduce readers to their products. We had not just...

Photo courtesy H.L. Chalfant Antiques

Furniture Details: Why Philadelphia is Just Better

Short of that stint living in Anchorage (yep, Alaska) from birth until I was about 2 years old, and the last seven months or so living in the Cincinnati area, I’ve lived the vast majority of my life outside of Philadelphia. You might be thinking that is the singular reason for the title of...


Last Call

As the time draws near, a couple of spots have opened for the Senco event here at Popular Woodworking Magazine. They are bringing in their newest pinner, the 21LXP (which won’t even be available to dealers at the time of the event) for you to try, along with lots of other new products. Senco...


Ten Days to Senco

Including today, there are 10 days left until Senco descends upon the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop. Ten days left for you to register for the event so you have a shot at winning some cool new tools and an exclusive tour of the Senco factory with the editors of PWM and American Woodworker. If the thought of...


Taming Tear-out Tuesday

Working on projects with stump feet is fun. One thing you have to remember is how to handle end-grain feet on a floor. If you just leave them come straight down to the floor, you run the risk of continual tear-out. The easiest way to eliminate the problem is to plane a little chamfer...


Senco Turns 21

Last September the Senco representative stopped by the PWM shop and offices to drop off the new 23-gauge pinners (read Glen D. Huey’s post about it). What we couldn’t tell you then was they also brought a brand new product with them that we got to play with briefly before they whisked it away...

A Philadelphia ball and claw foot arm chair.

Design in Practice: Negative Spaces

Continuing last week’s post (read it here) on comparative design, I thought it might be fun to move to Chippendale style chairs. The great thing about American Chippendale chairs is there’s tremendous variety, yet few are direct translations of Chippendale’s designs. The chair to the left is a perfect example. Chippendale’s “The Gentleman’s and...

Glue sticks being used to aid in clamping up boards.

Techniques for Gluing

For the last few decades, I’ve kept one indispensable tool readily available in my shop – glue sticks. Basically, they are milled material about 2″ thick and around 4″ wide (in my shop they were always made from hardwood because there was always plenty of scrap) that is cut to approximately 3′ in length....