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Chuck Bender

About Chuck Bender

Chuck is the senior editor of Popular Woodworking, and has 30+ years of experience as a high-end period furniture maker and woodworking teacher.


A Show(case) With Style

Since joining the Popular Woodworking Magazine staff, I’ve missed out on a few of my regular extracurricular activities from the last few years. I haven’t seen my fellow presenters at a bunch of the Woodworking Shows (or the attendees either) and I’ve missed out on all that travel, carrying heavy furniture into convention centers and...


Hand Tool vs. Power Tool

The hand tool versus power tool discussion is something that comes up frequently at work (at least where I work these days). Prior to 2007, however, I didn’t even know it existed. In August of that year I decided to open a woodworking school and began writing for Popular Woodworking Magazine. Prior to that...

Teaching at CVSW

Chuck’s Upcoming Classes

Since I started at Popular Woodworking Magazine (PWM), I’ve gotten e-mails on a weekly basis asking about the status of my school and/or if I will be teaching anywhere in the near future. Well, to answer those questions in reverse order, I am scheduled to teach two classes (so far this year) at Ron Herman’s place in Columbus, Ohio,...


Inlay & Marquetry & Bandings, Oh My

I’ve studied furniture from the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries for decades and done my fair share of inlay (the table leg to the left is an example). When the talk around the office this week turned to Rob Millard’s much-anticipated DVD, “Marquetry, Veneer & Inlay for Furniture Makers” (buy your copy here), it...


Nailing It

The topic of nails comes up quite often here in the Popular Woodworking Magazine (PWM) office and on the blogs. This morning I arrived in the office to find an e-mail from a reader that included a link to a short film. With the Academy Awards occurring last night, and this film having been nominated...


Esherick Revisited

In the June 2013 issue (#204) of Popular Woodworking Magazine I wrote about Wharton Esherick (read the article here) and got a bunch of e-mails regarding some of the pieces pictured in the article. One piece in particular seemed to garner more attention than the others, however. Wharton’s three-legged stools evidently were not only...


Restoration Versus Conservation

Since my post on drawboring last week (read it here), I’ve gotten a number of requests for information about furniture restoration and conservation. One common thread seems to be people using those terms interchangeably. While they may both deal with repairing furniture, I’ve never thought the two terms had the same meaning. Restoration is...