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Combination Squares

Select a reliable tool with these simple tests.  by Megan Fitzpatrick page 62 I can’t think of one project I’ve made that hasn’t involved using one or more of my combination squares. I use these to lay out joints and cuts, and to check cuts to confirm that they’re square (a test I perform on...


Mom’s Shop

Kite frames to cabinets: A 50-year journey back to woodworking. By David Lawrence page 64 Before mom’s shop bustled with warmth, woodcraft and cheer, the location of her future endeavors hoarded what dad called, “Relics from the Golden Age of Aviation.” Mom would rebut, smiling, “Maybe just a collection of airplane bones.” But she...


Federal Bow-front Table

Inlay and embellishment add pizazz to a well-known form.  by Frank Vucolo page 28 I designed this table using the materials, ideas and embellishments of the Federal period. It begins with an objective aesthetic: a small table with tapered legs. This form was a staple of the style, but it’s found in neoclassical representations throughout...


Saw Sharpening 101

A well-tuned tool pays great dividends when the blade hits the board. by Matt Cianci page 36 We’ve all been there: You reach for your saw in the middle of a project, and before you start the cut, you drag your finger along the teeth and say to yourself, “Meh…they’re sharp enough.” But you...


Not so Ordinary Router Cabinet

Great shop storage isn’t always built using plywood. by Glen D. Huey page 40 As I look around my shop, or most woodworking shops, I see cabinets built with plywood and screws. But there are other options. I decided to change things up and make a shop cabinet using hardwoods, and to use the...


Woodcarving Basics

Learn techniques for ‘shallow relief’ and ‘applied’ carvings. by Mary May page 46 Have you ever been involved in something where you get completely absorbed in it? Where hours go by without realizing it? Those are the moments when you discover something you truly love. Within a month of taking classes from European Master...


Dovetail Ruler Trick

A throwaway wooden ruler prevents fatal errors when dovetailing. by Christopher Schwarz page 51 The No. 1 mistake made by first-time dovetailers has nothing to do with sawing or chopping – the obvious choices. Instead, I’ve found that most fatal mistakes happen at the point where the shape of the first half of the...


Earlex SprayPort 6003

This turbine-driven gun produces a good finish at a good price. by Robert W. Lang page16 I first became aware of High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) systems about 20 years ago. At the time, it seemed like a great idea – reduce overspray and eliminate the need for a massive air compressor chugging away. Since then, I’ve...


Jet JWBS-14SF-3 Band Saw

by Chuck Bender page 18 The new 14″ steel-frame band saw from Jet is nothing less than heavy-duty. With its 3-horsepower, 220-volt motor, this saw is built to handle just about anything you can throw at it. The one-piece frame makes this band saw extremely rigid for tough cuts such as resawing wide boards...