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Make a ‘Raamtang’

This Dutch joiner’s tool leverages simple design into a cheap & effective workholding device. By Zachary Dillinger p. 46 While studying Gerrit van der Sterre’s “Four Centuries of Dutch Planemakers” (Primavera Pers, 2001), I ran across what the author calls a “raamtang” – Dutch for “window pliers.” As you might guess, it is a...


Mid-century Modern Bookcase

Simple joinery serves this sophisticated geometric design. by Michael Crow p. 51 Mid-century modern design is enjoying a surge in popularity, and rightly so: Its clean lines and functional design make it practical and attractive, two traits evident in this bookcase by an unknown designer. Its stark, geometric design shows modern roots while giving...


‘The Secret Mitre Dovetail’

David Charlesworth’s new video is groundbreaking instruction. by Christopher Schwarz p. 14 The “secret miter” dovetail is considered the most elegant and difficult of all the dovetail joints to make. As a result, many woodworkers hesitate to even attempt the joint, which can seamlessly wrap the grain around a furniture carcase to a beautiful...


Veritas Stainless Steel Trammel Points

by Megan Fitzpatrick p. 16 These clever stainless steel trammel points (for scribing large arcs and circles) from Veritas work a little differently than my vintage set, which fit only on a fixed-sized beam. The narrow-bodied heads are open on one side, and can thus be attached to any flat piece of material up...


Sterling Tool Works Stainless Steel French Curves

by Christopher Schwarz p. 16 I like using French curves for laying out hyperbolas, ellipses and parabolas when designing furniture details. These curves are not static arcs – they are segments of the Euler spiral – and so the shapes they create have more spring and life. The typical set of French curves consists...


Designer Profile: Dan Mosheim

His creative process starts with pencil and moves on to CAD and CNC. by George R. Walker p. 18 I first stumbled onto Dan Mosheim about six years ago through his eclectic blog, “Dorset Custom Furniture – A Woodworkers Photo Journal” ( It’s primarily about building and designing furniture, but it’s also a peek into...


End Grain: A Father’s Legacy

The lessons learned didn’t stop at the shop door. by Joe DiPietro p. 64 Christmas, 1956. I was a little fella, and my seeing the Tonka Hi-Way series display in the W.T. Grant store months earlier had captured my entire attention. In my letter to Santa, I asked for the Tonka set. What I...

1508 toolbox

Traveling Tool Chest

Historic proportions and details are still the best. by Christopher Schwarz page 22 Since I started woodworking in about 1993, I’ve stored my tools in almost every way imaginable – from plastic buckets to wall cabinets, racks and a variety of tool chests. After exploring each of these methods, I kept coming back to...


Shop-made Saw Vise

Combine wood, leather and steel for a new take on an old tool. by Jason Thigpen page 29 If you sharpen your own saws, a proper saw vise is an essential tool. The jaws on a saw vise clamp down tightly on the saw plate, holding it securely as you file each tooth. A...