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Bow Shelves

Delicate ‘hyperparabolas ’ hang on a curve – then  hang ‘magically’ on the wall. by Bruce Winterbon pages 48-52 When I saw a photo of a set of three rectangular shelves supported by a bow near each end, my reaction was that the bows deserved better shelves. These shelves are the result. The shelves...


Nice Curves, No Math

Mechanical solutions for the formula-challenged woodworker. by Raney Nelson pgs 58-59 There was a time when I was fairly good at math – but that was back when “personal” and “computer” were two words you’d never expect to see together. A few decades later, I often find it difficult to multi-task long enough to...

Craftsman 10" Miter Saw

Tool Test: Craftsman 10″ Sliding Miter Saw

This inexpensive compact saw performs surprisingly well. by Christopher Schwarz page 14 When sliding miter saws first hit the market, they could cost as much as a decent table saw. So I was shocked when I saw the price tags on the new line of miter saws by Craftsman (starting at less than $200)....


Tool Test: EZ Pinch Stick for Checking Square on Glue-ups

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 16 “Pinch rods” or “pinch sticks” are, at their most basic, two thin pieces of pointy material that are held together loosely enough at the center to move, but can be locked down. Put a point corner to corner in a carcase, lock the sticks, then check that setting against...


Bosch Barrel-grip Battery-powered Jigsaw

Because of its lower profile, I prefer a barrel-grip jigsaw to a top-handle. I feel as if having my hand closer to the work gives me better control, not only because the tool feels less tippy, but because I find it slightly easier to guide. And I quite like this new 12-volt, lithium-ion powered...

Jim Sannerud Bowl

Design Matters: Look Beneath the Surface

Learn the hidden order that speaks a common craft language. by George R. Walker pages 18-20 Jim Sannerud is a gifted artisan who turns wooden bowls that are inspired by the rich tradition of Scandinavian woodcraft. Recently, I was admiring his work when the conversation shifted to clay potters who turn their work on...


Arts & Mysteries: Furniture – It’s Meant to be Used

In some contemporary households, 17th-century style storage prevails. by Peter Follansbee pages 58-59 I once sold a chair to a woman who later told me how much she loved it. “I never let anyone sit in it!” she exclaimed, apparently to show me how special it was to her. I told her that was...

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.28.50 PM

Flexner on Finishing: My Sanding Block

Efficient, cheap and simple to make. by Bob Flexner pages 60-62 This magazine puts a lot of emphasis on hand tools – that is, tools without motors. Common subjects include handplanes, chisels, scrapers etc. But when it comes to sanding, it seems that most people use random-orbit sanders. These have motors! Why not sand...



Respect for tools was the real lesson I learned from a woodworking icon. by Brad Rubin page 64 My introduction to Japanese woodworking started with Toshio Odate’s underwear. “My tools are like my underwear. You wouldn’t touch my underwear, so don’t touch my tools,” Odate told me and my classmates. So began my first...