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Customizable Bevel-down Planes from Veritas

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 16 We don’t typically include tools in this column that we’ve not actually tested, but we’re making an exception for these five new bevel-down planes from Veritas (Nos. 4, 41⁄2, 5, 51⁄2 and 7 in the Stanley numbering system). I got a preview of these at Lee Valley Tools in...

1411_PWM_1_Veneer damage

Flexner on Finishing: Furniture Deterioration

Cracking, crazing and physical wear have specific causes and remedies. by Bob Flexner pages 59-60 Everyone who buys, sells, works on or collects old furniture, or who has some in their house, has to be concerned with deterioration. It’s staring them in the face every time they look at the furniture. Totally stopping the...


Angle-Ease Router Base from Woodhaven

By Chuck Bender page 16 A router table that tilts opens up vast new worlds when it comes to making mouldings. The one feature that I love about the Angle-Ease (from Woodhaven) is its ability to tilt. This lift gives you the ability to make complex mouldings with a router that are impossible to...


End Grain: Losing the Love of My Life

With great pain comes great amounts of casserole. by Joe McMahon page 64 The Bride wanted to start with one, but I wanted a dozen. Then one warm summer day, the Warden whispered in my ear those magical words: “Which would it be?” I spent the next eternity, silently ticking the days off, scraping...


Hammer K3 Winner

Get European accuracy and quality at a great price. by Chuck Bender page 14 Most woodworkers only dream about owning a European sliding table saw. The size and price tend to be limiting factors, particularly for those not making a living from their woodcraft. The Hammer K3 Winner series of table saws breaks new...


Gas-powered Plane-till Lid

pages 14-15 I have a meager collection of handplanes made up of mostly dog-meat users. I like using planes that have history because it’s fun to think about what each might have made during the last 100 years. None of my planes are particularly nice, but I do want to keep them from getting...


Folding Bookcase

Though not as lightweight as an eReader, this portable library is far more stylish. by Christopher Schwarz pages 24-29 Bookcases that fold up like a clamshell were common among British travelers of the 19th century. Soldiers, students, clerks and the clergy were all fond of this easy way to take a library with them...


Bench Plane Restoration

Learn five common fixes for vintage wooden tools. by Willard Anderson pages 30-35 There is a deep reverence in using a tool that has been used by generations of woodworkers, possibly traveled across the ocean, seen the Revolution and maybe been carried across the continent to help in building a new life. These tools...


Breadboard Ends

Discover six cross-grain construction strategies to help keep your tabletops and chest lids flat. by Chuck Bender pages 36-40 Cross-grain construction tends to freak out most beginning woodworkers, but it’s a viable construction method in many cases. Wide tables and chest lids often employ breadboard ends to keep things flat, as well as cover...