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Design Matters: If Doors Could Talk

Door construction contains lessons on proportion and visual weight.   by George Walker pgs. 20-22 The directions to Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor, Maine, were on a scrap of yellow paper held tightly in one hand. I craned my neck out the car window, searching for the hidden lane. My wife, Barb, wondered aloud if...


Arts & Mysteries: One Stick, All the Info

Measured drawings for some, story sticks for me (and others). by Peter Follansbee pgs. 58-61 I once had a job making a couple of wainscot chairs and chests for the National Park Service. After barely surviving the paperwork it took to get the job in the first place, I was then confronted with the...


Flexner on Finishing: White Water Rings

Understanding causes and remedies of this typically shallow damage. by Bob Flexner pgs. 62-63 A friend sent me a web link to a video and short text recommending the use of mayonnaise to remove white water rings on tabletops thinking that I would scoff at this remedy. I didn’t. I’ve actually seen mayonnaise work...


End Grain: “The Power of the Hobbyist”

Turning woodworking into a pastime helped me love it again. by Vic Tesolin pg. 64 There are two ways I hear the term “hobbyist” thrown around. The first is by “professional” woodworkers and, more times than not, it is in a disparaging tone: as if a hobbyist couldn’t possibly be as good, fast or...


Roy Underhill’s Double Spring Pole Lathe

Can a portable, foot-powered lathe make a believer out of you? by Roy Underhill pages 22-29 Wood turning on a spring pole lathe is all about reciprocation, all about back and forth. For example: Q: “Don’t you get tired of standing on one leg?” A: “Sure, but if you try to work the treadle...


The Real Truth About Block Planes

Armed with a little trickery, you can make the block plane perform a wide variety of tasks. by Christopher Schwarz pages 30-35 Hang around enough woodshops (or Internet discussion groups) with a block plane in your hand and you’ll eventually be derided for owning a “carpenter’s tool.” It’s a criticism that I’ve never understood....


Handled Turned Vessels

The reciprocating motion of a pole lathe makes it possible. by Jarrod Stone Dahl pages 36-41 My mind reels when trying to imagine what it would be like to be a woodworker in the era when the lathe was being developed. This was well over 3,000 years ago. Historians say the lathe is a...


Saw & Plane Till

It won’t solve a tool addiction, but it’ll make finding tools easier. by Mike Siemsen pages 42-47 You’ve no doubt seen photos of the H.O. Studley tool cabinet – the Sistine Chapel of tool cabinets. And as far as I’m concerned, Studley got it right. Yes, his tool chest is a work of art...


Lumberyard Prep

Arm yourself with a good plan (or two) and your buying trip will be a success. by Shannon Rogers pages 48-52 I have a 10″-wide piece of 8/4 purpleheart sitting on my lumber rack. I bought it eight years ago when I visited the lumberyard. I still haven’t used it. The funny thing is,...