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Design Matters: Dividers – Conduits to Creativity

This tool with a mythological past remains a designer’s workhorse. by George R. Walker pages 18-20 Dividers have long been called the “Tools of the Imagination” – and with good reason. For millennia, this simple pair of joined pointed sticks has been the universal tool that unites all the building trades and artistic crafts....


Hardware: The Crowning Touch

The right hardware is as important as wood selection and finish. by Orion Henderson pages 54-55 Not too long ago, I was approached by Megan Fitzpatrick about writing an occasional feature on hardware in the magazine. After a solid three minutes of thought, I jumped at the idea. Hardware is something that a lot...


Arts & Mysteries: Carpenters’ Work

Early modern records show guild regulations in London. by Peter Follansbee pages 58-61 Early 17th-century London tradesmen were protective about their work, carefully keeping an eye on any interlopers to their craft. A dispute arose in the early 1630s between London’s carpenters and joiners, and in my last column (June 2016, issue #225), I...


Flexner on Finishing: My ‘Half-right Rule’

Knowing which half to believe is why finishing seems so difficult. by Bob Flexner pages 62-63 Many years ago I coined what I call my “half-right rule.” That is, half of what you read or hear about finishing is right; you just don’t know which half. You may suspect that I developed this rule...


End Grain: ‘Woodworking Interval Training’

Sawing – and other operations – by the clock. by Steve Branam page 64 I recently needed to rip two lengths from a 4′ slab of 12/4 cherry. I use hand tools, so that’s a heavy job. Such tasks can be intimidating, keeping you from doing a project. I don’t want to let the...


Medicine Cabinet

A slick technique makes the divided-light door a snap. by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 26-31 In 2008, I built a contemporary maple chimney cupboard to hold towels in my bathroom. Eight years on, I decided it was time for a matching medicine cabinet – in large part because the house I recently bought has solid...


Draw Your Way to Better Woodworking

Using your hands to sketch can teach your eyes to really see. by David Savage pages 32-37 Most of us use our eyes to avoid bumping into things; we probably are only using 20 percent of our visual ability. I had a student some years ago at Rowden Workshops who had a history in...


The First Trestle Tables

Portable, sturdy and easy to build, these were used for a variety of tasks. by Christopher Schwarz pages 38-43 Many of the fantastic furniture forms of the Middle Ages have disappeared and have been replaced by pieces that are more complex but not necessarily better. One of my favorites is the early trestle table....


Queen Anne Strop Box

Sharpen your hand-tool skills with this useful project. by Willard Anderson pages 4-50 I recently obtained a nice piece of leather about 1⁄4″ thick that I wanted to use as a strop for plane irons and chisels. And, I was looking for a simple hand-tool project. So I decided to make a “strop box”...