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Ajax Alexandre is the online community editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine.


November 2011 #193

Our cover story for the November 2011 issue is a “Lady’s Desk,”  built by Senior Editor Glen D. Huey. This piece is among the 27 projects in our upcoming book, “Furniture in the Southern Style,” by Glen and Executive Editor Robert W. Lang. In Tommy Mac & “Rough Cut,” Glen interviews Tommy MacDonald, host...


Last Call for JPEG Wars Images

These are images of a tool cabinet that Steve Nickles of Powell, Wyo., sent in for the JPEG Wars. Great stuff, Steve. The show will take place on Friday night at 10 p.m. after the “How to Save Woodworking – Five Views” dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. Just a reminder for those who are on...


Wiping Varnish

In the November 2011 issue, Bob Flexner submitted this excerpt from his book "Wood Finishing 101," along with the article on wiping varnish. It is a useful document that you can post in your shop. To download the PDF, click on the link below. –Ajax Alexandre PWM_WipingVarnish


Router-enhanced Dovetails

Contributing Editor Glen D. Huey made this short video while working on the cover project for the upcoming November 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine (which should start arriving in subscriber mailboxes the week of Oct. 10). The piece of furniture is called a “Lady’s Desk,” and it’s among the 27 projects in in...


The Gender of Form

A couple of days ago, I cut out a form on the band saw and brought it home. I used a big chunk of cedar so it brought with it a nice aroma. I placed it on a bookshelf in the living room because I wanted to live with it for a few days....



In an effort to get some competitive juices flowing for the Woodworking in America 2011 JPEG Wars, I’m posting two images by our reader, Doug Henderer. Doug submitted these images of a Federal table that he built. Gorgeous work, Doug! Does anyone else have some work they are proud to show? There are only...



When I was younger, I was involved in Shotokan karate. There are many things that I took away from the experience that relate to woodworking and being in the shop. Shotokan, like many other martial arts, teaches principles such as humility, respect, compassion, patience, and both an inward and outward calmness. When we first...


Bionic Man

I’ve been thinking about Col. Steve Austin a lot lately. You might remember him as the Six Million Dollar Man, a character from the TV series in the ’70s with the same name. After being seriously injured in a test flight, Austin is given artificial replacements for his legs, his right arm, and one...


Whale Tail Picture Holder

Recently, when I was cutting up some prototypes for the feet of my workbench on the band saw, I ended up with some interesting offcuts. I liked the shapes, especially when I sandwiched them together because they were perfectly symmetrical, so I threw them aside instead of in the garbage. They were made of...