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Ajax Alexandre is the online community editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine.


Woodworking Shaker Furniture Collection

Here is the ultimate gift for the woodworker who appreciates Shaker furniture – at 45 percent off! Click here to buy The Shaker Collection now! The clean lines and timeless design of Shaker furniture make it easy to integrate into any home, and the solid joinery means your work will last a lifetime ­...


The New Traditional Woodworker

Here’s a gift idea that every woodworker will appreciate. On sale, saving you 34 percent!   Working Wood, Not Machining It If you’re more interested in working with wood rather than machining it, you will be relieved to learn that expensive powered machinery isn’t required to build furniture. You can also forget the dust...


Wood Finishing 101 – The Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a great gift idea! Save 31 percent on Flexner’s latest must-have book on finishing. Wood finishing doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. It can be “boiled down” to simple step-by-step instructions. And that’s what this book offers; no science, no art, just easily-to-follow directions with lots of pictures to show you every...


How to Build Shaker Furniture

The best gifts are used over and over again, and this updated and improved classic will certainly be a favorite that is referenced continually. Includes 36 original & 9 new projects you can build Interest in Shaker design is as strong today as it was when the first editon of this book was published...


55 Best Shop-made Jigs

Here’s a great gift idea for the tech-savvy woodworker in your life. You can bring this CD right into the shop on your laptop computer and build these innovative and ingenious jigs! Learn to build more quickly & efficiently. Cut accurate joints in less time. Make safety a priority in the shop. Jigs are...


Round Two of Bottle Stoppers

As you can see, I used some smaller diameter cherry stock to work out the transition from the bottle top to the mushroom, but I’m not happy with the result. The bottom section fits beautifully into the bottle, and the length gives it the bulk needed to balance the piece on top. But I...


Cutting Down to Size

I turned this mushroom piece out of walnut on Friday afternoon without a wine bottle close by, so I guessed on the inside diameter of a bottle when I was tapering the section that goes into the bottle. As you can see, I guessed wrong. No worries. While it does technically fit and seal...