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Adam Cherubini is a long-time woodworker and contributor to Popular Woodworking Magazine, who studies and works in the 18th-century style using period techniques and tools.

Introduction to Mount Vernon Furniture

I’m in colonial Williamsburg for the annual woodworking conference. This year the subject is the furniture Mount Vernon. Last night there was a short lecture on Mount Vernon furniture and architecture by staff members from Mt Vernon. This morning, Colonial Williamsburgs Craftsmen take the stage to begin reproducing furniture from Washington’s home.


Making Stuff

Today (January 1st) is my birthday.  I’ll spend the rest of this day with beloved family and friends, smiling through their dull headaches.  My birthday (like all of you with Christmas birthdays or July 4th birthdays) gets generally forgotten.  It’s a New Years Day party, a brunch this year. So this year, I rose...

Old eyes or bad bulbs?

I’m getting older, losing my near sight, and the world is growing dim. Sounds dire. And while it may be true, I think a big part of my problem is the light bulbs in my shop.  Unlike most of you, I have a photographic record of the lighting in my shop.  I recently compared...

Comments Appreciated

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all of your thoughtful comments.  They were helpful and constructive and I thank you for them all.  So helpful were they, that I may ask for help again in the near future.  We’re talking about what you want to see in YOUR Popular...

Advice on Article Sought

I’m working on an article about making nailed (boarded) furniture. The new format at the magazine has restricted columns like mine to 2 pages and I’m having trouble getting the job done in 2. It could be that I’m naturally wordy. I’ve been teased for this in the past and I’m self conscious about...

Saving Woodworking, One Project at a Time

Thanks to Popular Woodworking Magazine, I was invited to panel discussion on saving woodworking at this years’ Woodworking In America  conference in Northern Ky. As I suspected, my perspective on this issue was a bit different from the others’ on the panel and I suspect from my friends in the room (it was held...


What is an Oilstone?

The language surrounding so called oilstones is very misleading. First off, there’s no such thing as an “oilstone.” Long ago, these abrasive stones were simply called whetstones. “Whetting” was the period word for “sharpening” and it had nothing to do with applying liquid to a rock. Nor is oil required for their use. All...