August 2014 #212

Popular Woodworking Magazine August 14 Cover This month’s cover article from Robert W. Lang, executive editor, teaches you step by step in “Craftsman Wardrobe” how to build Gustav Stickley’s No. 624 wardrobe (the interior could easily be reconfigured for use as a media cabinet, hanging storage – whatever you need to stow); Christopher Schwarz shares his quick and easy fix for making a cheap coping saw perform like a champ, plus tips for successful sawing, in “Improve a Coping Saw”; in “Mid-century Coffee Table,” Mario Rodriguez shows you his clever and simple technique for basket-weave veneer used atop a handsome piece that looks great in the modern home; Chuck Bender, senior editor, helps you move beyond the limits of your router (or shaper) bits and make mouldings of any size using the table saw, core-box bits and a couple of handplanes in “Massive Mouldings.”

You’ll learn from Derek Olson how to replicate André Roubo’s 18th-century veneer press in “Roubo’s Bench Vise” – and adapt it to suit your clamping needs; in “Painted Bucket Bench,” Catharine Kennedy teaches you how to make a simple bucket bench from home center pine, then how to apply faux graining with vinegar paint to make it look like a far more expensive piece; and, in “Danish Modern,” by Linda Rosengarten, you’ll meet Ejler Hjorth-Westh, a woodworker, boatbuilder and more from Denmark who now teaches woodworking at the College of the Redwoods.

In this month’s Tool Test, we review the SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander, Abortech’s TurboPlane and Min-Turbo and Freud’s Diablo general purpose and crosscut finish 10″ saw blades; George Walker discusses how to modify a design in Design Matters; Bob Rozaieski show you how to build a traditional miter square in Arts & Mysteries; Bob Flexner shows you how to match color on wood with an existing object or a photo in Flexner on Finishing; and in End Grain, Ethan Sincox shares his essay on woodworking at the lunch table in “Take Your Home to Work.”

Plus Tricks of the Trade, reader letters and more.


Craftsman Wardrobe

This Stickley No. 624 reproduction provides adaptable and abundant storage. by Robert W. Lang pages 20-27 The lack of closet space is a common problem in older homes. In the early 1900s Gustav Stickley offered this wardrobe as a solution. He used a shorter version in his own home, and in his retirement experimented...


Improve a Coping Saw

Your saw can work better by adding washers of by changing the way the saw. by Christopher Schwarz pages 28-32 When I was a kid, the first saw I bought was a Craftsman coping saw with a chrome frame and red-stained handle. For years I did everything with that saw – crosscuts, rips, curves...


Mid-century Coffee Table

Top this sleek design with patterned veneer – it’s much easier than it looks. by Mario Rodriguez pages 33-37 All over the country, mid-century designs, with their sleek surfaces and clean lines, are turning up in high-style interiors. Here’s a simple table that’s perfect for any modern interior setting. It employs loose-tenon joinery and...


Massive Mouldings

Add a few hand tools to a mostly machined process, and it’s simple to make any profile. by Chuck Bender pages 38-43 When it comes to making mouldings, size should not be a limiting factor. Using tools you probably already own – combined with a little creative thinking – you can make just about...


Roubo’s Press Vise

This centuries-old device is effective in use and simple to make. by Derek Olson pages 44-46 In my early years as a woodworker I was prejudiced against veneer – but experience has mellowed my opinion; I’ve realized building the period furniture pieces on my bucket list requires skills working with veneer and inlay. My...


Danish Modern

Enthusiasm and people skills are the keys to Ejler Hjorth-Westh’s success. by Linda Rosengarten pages 47-50 On California’s Mendocino coast, you really never know who you are talking to by looking. Institutional “costume” doesn’t fly around here, so it is not always easy to tell who belongs into which socially recognizable box. So, when...


Painted Bucket Bench

A simple project from home-center wood is transformed with faux graining. by Catharine Kennedy pages 51-54 Faux graining is the art of illusion. Use this technique, and your choices aren’t constrained by what woods are available or what’s shown in the veneering catalogs (or your bank account); you are limited only by your imagination....


Arbortech TurboPlane & Mini-Turbo

by Chuck Bender page 14 If you are into sculpting wood or forming sculpted furniture parts, the Arbortech TurboPlane and Mini-Turbo are two tools that could make your work much easier. Although they are sold separately, they work well as a team. The TurboPlane is an easy-to-handle, relatively safe 4″-diameter power carver that fits...


SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander

Attention to detail makes this machine a top-quality addition to any shop. by Chuck Bender page 14 The first thing that comes to mind upon seeing the SuperMax 19-38 drum sander is the company’s focus on quality. It’s evident in everything from the castings to the precision-milled drum to the thoughtful placement of the...