August 2013 #205

Popular Woodworking Magazine August 13 CoverIn “Voysey Mantel Clock,” the cover story for the August 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, executive editor Robert W. Lang makes a reproduction of C.F.A. Voysey’s beautiful painted clock from 1895. Despite being over a century old, the sleek design is still very much at home in the contemporary dwelling. Mary May teaches step-by-step the techniques used to “Carve a Classic Linenfold Panel.” Learn to scoop a chair seat using a table saw and a simple jig in “Take a U-turn to Scoop a Chair Seat” by Mario Rodriguez. In “William & Mary Spice Chest,” Zachary Dillinger builds a standout period piece with curved stretchers, turned legs and hidden drawers. Jameel Abraham uses a scrollsaw and a few simple steps to yield stunning inlay results in “Double-bevel Artistry.” Managing editor Glen D. Huey builds an exact reproduction of a Piedmont “Southern Gent’s Mirror Stand” that was discovered in a museum basement.

In this month’s tool test, we take a look at the Dadonator Jr. in “Infinity Shrinks the Dado Stack.” Plus “Amana Countersinks Conquer Burning & Marring,” “Clever Spyder Jigsaw Blades Make Super-tight Turns,” and “Vesper Tools Try Square: Perfect & Functional.”

In this month’s Design Matters, George R. Walker shows you how to “Train Your Eye” for small details and design decisions that make a difference. Megan Fitzpatrick gives you “The Hole Story” on boring and boring tools in Woodworking Essentials. In Arts & Mysteries, Adam Cherubini teaches you how to go from “Logs to Lumber.” Bob Flexner address the question “Revive of Restore?” when dealing with old, deteriorated finishes in Flexner on Finishing. Finally, David Mathias decides to “Conquer Finish Fears” in End Grain.

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Voysey Mantel Clock

Build this sleek, contemporary-looking design from 1895. By Robert W. Lang Pages 22-29 Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941) was one of the eminent architects and designers of the British Arts & Crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Voysey designed complete environments, including textile and wallpaper patterns. His work influenced American designers such as...


Carve a Classic Linenfold Panel

Learn the techniques to carve this traditional flowing drapery design. By Mary May Pages 30-35 Backpacking across Europe as a college student, I experienced the awe-inspiring splendor of magnificent cathedrals and castles. I took every opportunity I could to visit these buildings, and I was afraid to blink for fear of missing some intricate and important detail;...


William & Mary Spice Chest

Curved stretchers, turned legs and hidden drawers make this piece a standout. By Zachary Dillinger Pages 40-46 In the early 18th century, the fashionable place to store household spices was in an attractive, lockable spice chest. These chests were status symbols, because having one indicated your household was wealthy enough to require an entire chest to store...


Take a U-turn to Scoop a Chair Seat

A table saw and a simple jig make a time-consuming task quick and easy. By Mario Rodriguez Pages 36-39 Woodworkers use all sorts of techniques to scoop out their chair seats. Many commonly resort to hacking out the waste with traditional tools such as an adze, travisher and scorp. Others design and assemble elaborate jigs to precisely...


Double-bevel Artistry

A scrollsaw and simple steps yield stunning inlay results. By Jameel Abraham Pages 47-50 Picture a two-layer cake. Using a knife, cut a circle out of the middle while holding the knife perfectly vertical. You now have two cylinders of cake that you can easily pull out of the rest of the cake. Now start again with a...


Southern Gent’s Mirror Stand

Discovered in a museum basement, this Piedmont design makes heads turn. By Glen D. Huey Pages 51-55 My first trip to the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts was for business. Robert W. Lang, the magazine’s executive editor, and I traveled to Winston-Salem, N.C., to research and select furniture projects for the book “Furniture in the Southern...


Tool Test: Infinity Shrinks the Dado Stack

'Dadonator Jr.' is small in size but big on performance. By Steve Shanesy Page 14 Regardless of what you may think, size doesn’t matter – at least not when you’re talking dado stacks. Infinity Cutting Tools’ 8" “Dadonator” was highly touted when it was released in 2008. Today, Infinity offers the “Dadonator Jr.” It’s the same tool...


Tool Test: Amana Countersinks Conquer Burning & Marring

By Steve Shanesy Page 14 Amana Tool has four new countersinks with various-sized drill bits and non-marring depth stops. Each countersink has twin carbide-tipped flutes, and these are the only countersinks in the industry with this feature. Carbide-tipped flutes allow the bit to cut cleanly and last longer when working with hardwoods, plywoods and other engineered wood...


Tool Test: Clever Spyder Jigsaw Blades Make Super-tight Turns

By Steve Shanesy Page 16 Spyder, a Kansas City, Mo.-based company, has introduced a jigsaw blade with teeth on the front and back edges. At first glance, these blades look odd at best and gimmicky at worst. But after taking these blades for a test-drive, I began to understand the versatility offered by this innovation. Of...