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Shrink Pots: A Touch of ‘Magic’

These traditional Swedish cylindrical forms are an addictive pastime. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 22-23 I have too much to do. Building a shop by hand, in my spare time, is slow-going. Add in custom work, teaching (and the travel that goes with it) and spoon carving, and my days are pretty full. It’s a...

Contemporary Console Table

This slender table maximizes minimal space. by Rodney Wilson pgs. 58-59 My family recently left our sprawling farmhouse for a compact ranch. We left our farmhouse-sized stuff too, and now we need new furniture. This little console table, under 4′ wide and just more than 1′ deep, fits nicely below a wall-mounted TV to...

Brief History of Brasses

A concise chronicle of furniture hardware styles to help you build it better. by Orion Henderson pgs. 60-61 One question I am often asked is, “What hardware should I use?” And the answer is usually, “It depends.” What did you build? Are you refinishing or restoring? Is your work an original or a reproduction?...

Explaining Polymerized Oil

Simple in theory, not in the real world. by Bob Flexner pgs. 62-63 A reader of my blog (at popularwoodworking.com) asked me to explain what polymerized oil is. So here goes. On one level the explanation is incredibly simple and on another it’s representative of all that makes finishing and finishes so hard to...

Why I Adore my Machines

Grab your torch and pitchfork; the hand-tool guy has a table saw. by Christopher Schwarz pg. 64 People react with shock and horror when they learn I have electric machinery in my Kentucky workshop. After all, I’ve been writing almost exclusively about handwork for almost 20 years now. And yet anyone who is more...

Rediscover a Shaker Classic

A rim and box in contrasting species is an elegant eye-catcher. by John Wilson pgs. 28-33 Open boxes, as useful as they are attractive, were not made to hold sweets for the table. Instead, they were for something that makes me wince: expectoration of chewing tobacco. These round open boxes with rims were filled...

Soap: Making a Clean Finish

This traditional finish from Denmark is simple, safe and tactile. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 34-38 When I tell fellow woodworkers and customers that I use soap as a finish on some of my tables and chairs, they think I’m joking. Then, when I pull out a Mason jar filled with soap finish to show...

Finger-joined Tote

An elegant exercise in bent lamination and joinery. by Bill Heidt pgs. 39-43 When I started taking woodworking classes, I needed a convenient way to carry my tools. After looking for just the right toolbox, I decided to design something to meet my specific needs with some elements of style and craftsmanship to make...

‘Old Arn’

Finding and restoring vintage shop machinery. by Jameel Abraham pgs. 44-49You pick up an old handplane at the local flea market. You clean it, flatten the sole, tune the adjusting mechanism, hone the iron to a frightful edge. That first shaving. You know the one. Full length, full width, the sound. You are grinning...