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Tool Test: Kreg Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter

by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 16 The Kreg pocket-hole jig is the workhorse joinery method in our beginner woodworking “I Can Do That” series of articles, videos and books. When we design those pieces, we’re careful to hide the pocket holes, because we don’t want them to show. Sure, one can buy ready-made plugs, but...

Mastery Through Repetition

Practice is the best of all instructors. by George R. Walker pgs. 18-20 Maynard lived next door. When he wasn’t spinning wrenches at the local Ford garage, he was out in his driveway, hunched over a neighbor’s car. As a kid I spent hours leaning over a fender, watching him perform what seemed like...

Wedged Sliding Mortise Gauge

Make your own copy of this precision vintage tool. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 58-60 Even after two years of working alone, I can still hear the visitors to my museum shop where I worked for 20 years: “My grandpa was a carpenter….” It’s a line I heard a lot. I used to wish for...

Changing VOC Laws

Air quality initiatives affect coatings availability in different areas. by Bob Flexner pgs. 62-63 Four years ago in this column I explained how VOC regulations are putting restrictions on large users of finishing products and causing changes to formulations affecting all users. I concluded that only the large users are directly affected by the...

End Grain: “Custom Design, Creative Process”

Bringing the challenges of commissioned design to the college classroom. by RH Lee pg. 64 Since 2008 I have managed the collective Offerman Woodshop in Los Angeles as well as my own furniture business, LeeBuild. Both focus on bespoke, one-off custom furniture. Though I have been told by many designers and makers alike that...

Danish Modern Campaign Chest

Built to move (and to last), this piece blends classic proportions and clean lines. by Christopher Schwarz pags. 24-31 When the British Empire began taking over the world in the 18th century, one vexing problem at its tropical holdings was the monsoon season. When it hit, applied carvings and ornaments fell off the furniture,...

Art of Concealment

This table hides your laptop, jewelry and other small valuables in plain sight. by Matthew Dworman pgs. 32-39 Hidden compartments – just saying those words puts a smile on the face of most woodworkers. There is something magical about a secret space that reveals itself to only the person who knows about it. Since...

Cabriole Legs by Hand

You don’t need a band saw to shape these classic furniture gams. by Zachary Dillinger pgs. 40-44 Readers of this magazine are no doubt familiar with the cabriole leg. One of the hallmarks of the Queen Anne and Chippendale styles of furniture, the cabriole is a complex curved surface that can be a daunting...

From Redwoods to Red Brick

Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney: Ruler of Ancient Rules by Cathrine O. Frank pgs. 45-47 At burnHeart, in a converted textile mill on the banks of Maine’s Saco River, Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney rifles through a box of stainless steel “lady legs” (a.k.a. “Dancing Master” calipers) that were laser cut in a shop up the road. Overhead,...