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Design Matters: Depth Adds Life to Design

Use moulding, carving and other details to add visual layers. by George R. Walker page 18 Have you ever gazed at a great painting and, for a brief moment, found yourself pulled into it? Almost like magic, a few well-crafted brush strokes can trigger memories like the haunting cries of a seagull or the...


Arts & Mysteries: Simplicity Itself

Free up your hands with this useful Chinese wood carrier. by Peter Follansbee page 22 My wife, Maureen, came through the work area and asked, “What are you making?” When I told her, she said, “No, really, what are you making?” “A Chinese wood carrier. Really.” It’s for carrying any kind of wood, though;...


Veritas Bevel-down Bench Planes

Blade carrier helps to preserve cap-iron settings with ease.  by Christopher Schwarz page 14 When Veritas redesigned its bevel-down bench planes, the Canadian company started from scratch. Released in the fall of 2014, these tools share almost no DNA with the company’s previous generation. And, in the Veritas tradition, the company’s engineers also chucked...


Tormek T-4 Water-cooled Sharpening System

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 16 I’m not usually a wet grinder kind of woman, because a dry grinder does the same work faster, then I move to waterstones to polish and hone. I might be a convert, however, when it comes to tools that are difficult to grind on a dry grinder, including carving...


Shellac Tiger Flakes from Tools for Working Wood

by Christopher Schwarz page 16 Because shellac is my favorite finish, I have tried nearly every brand of flakes on the market. By far, my favorite brand is the premium dewaxed flakes – Tiger Flakes – sold by Tools for Working Wood in Brooklyn, N.Y. Because there are no lac bugs in Brooklyn, this...


Combination Squares

Select a reliable tool with these simple tests.  by Megan Fitzpatrick page 62 I can’t think of one project I’ve made that hasn’t involved using one or more of my combination squares. I use these to lay out joints and cuts, and to check cuts to confirm that they’re square (a test I perform on...


Mom’s Shop

Kite frames to cabinets: A 50-year journey back to woodworking. By David Lawrence page 64 Before mom’s shop bustled with warmth, woodcraft and cheer, the location of her future endeavors hoarded what dad called, “Relics from the Golden Age of Aviation.” Mom would rebut, smiling, “Maybe just a collection of airplane bones.” But she...


Federal Bow-front Table

Inlay and embellishment add pizazz to a well-known form.  by Frank Vucolo page 28 I designed this table using the materials, ideas and embellishments of the Federal period. It begins with an objective aesthetic: a small table with tapered legs. This form was a staple of the style, but it’s found in neoclassical representations throughout...


Saw Sharpening 101

A well-tuned tool pays great dividends when the blade hits the board. by Matt Cianci page 36 We’ve all been there: You reach for your saw in the middle of a project, and before you start the cut, you drag your finger along the teeth and say to yourself, “Meh…they’re sharp enough.” But you...