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Arts & Mysteries: Furniture – It’s Meant to be Used

In some contemporary households, 17th-century style storage prevails. by Peter Follansbee pages 58-59 I once sold a chair to a woman who later told me how much she loved it. “I never let anyone sit in it!” she exclaimed, apparently to show me how special it was to her. I told her that was...

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.28.50 PM

Flexner on Finishing: My Sanding Block

Efficient, cheap and simple to make. by Bob Flexner pages 60-62 This magazine puts a lot of emphasis on hand tools – that is, tools without motors. Common subjects include handplanes, chisels, scrapers etc. But when it comes to sanding, it seems that most people use random-orbit sanders. These have motors! Why not sand...



Respect for tools was the real lesson I learned from a woodworking icon. by Brad Rubin page 64 My introduction to Japanese woodworking started with Toshio Odate’s underwear. “My tools are like my underwear. You wouldn’t touch my underwear, so don’t touch my tools,” Odate told me and my classmates. So began my first...

Chris Vesper’s small shop and home are filled completely with old tools, his machinery and his book collection.

Tools from Down Under

Chris Vesper strives for precision and perfection in toolmaking (and dancing). by Christopher Schwarz When it comes to settling the issue of who is the most dedicated toolmaker on the planet, Chris Vesper has the plumbing – or rather, the lack of it – as proof of his single-minded love of the craft. Several...

A proud Teacup without handles

A Teacup & 8 Dinner Plates

Not only living beings retain a soul; some objects do as well. by Toshio Odate The word “Pantheism” is defined as “the religious belief or philosophical doctrine, which identifies the universe with God.” And, “The doctrine that God is not a personality, but that all laws, forces and manifestations, etc. of the universe are...


Knockdown English Workbench

With $100 in lumber and two days, you can build this sturdy stowaway bench. by Christopher Schwarz page 22 Many knockdown workbenches suffer from unfortunate compromises. Inexpensive commercial benches that can be knocked down for shipping use skimpy hardware and thin components to reduce shipping weight. The result is that the bench never feels...

Thread Chest

Woodworking Excellence

Find inspiration from our 2015 award winners. by Megan Fitzpatrick page 30 Looking through the many entries in our third annual PWM Excellence Awards highlighted the fact that good work comes in many shapes and sizes, and from people of all ages and backgrounds. It was a pleasure for the editors and contributing editors...


Sharpening Pond

With this inviting and accessible setup, there’s no excuse for dull blades. by William Ng page 36 The ability to keep tools sharp is a most important woodworking skill – that’s why I have a dedicated sharpening station in each of my classrooms, readily available for my students. Many woodworkers think of sharpening as...


Roast Your Own

Cooking wood in your kitchen can produce results that rival specialty kilns. by Mitch Roberson p. 40 Luthiers have long used roasted or tempered wood in stringed instruments because the roasting process pre-stresses the wood and caramelizes the sugars, sealing the pores and rendering them more resistant to moisture. While these properties are beneficial...