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Copper Hardware

It’s surprisingly simple to make your own Stickley-style pulls. by Tom Calisto page 33 The simple lines and honest joinery of the Arts & Crafts period have always appealed to me. The fumed quartersawn white oak and the warm patina of the copper hardware add a wonderful effect to the overall design. But I...


Teak Oil: The Oil That Doesn’t Exist

‘Teak oil’ is whatever a manufacturer chooses to put in the container. by Bob Flexner page 38 No wood finish illustrates better than “teak oil” why finishing is so confusing. Brands vary from mineral oil, to linseed oil, to tung oil, to oil/varnish blend, to wiping varnish, to simply wax and turpentine. Many brands...


Shooting Boards

These appliances add accuracy and consistency to your handplane work. by Graham Blackburn page 42 There was a time, before the introduction of power tools, when the handplane was the very icon of woodworking. Nowadays of course, woodworking is often represented by the table saw and the electric router (among many other power tools)....


Recreating Rohlfs

This mahogany Arts & Crafts desk chair exemplifies furniture as art. by Peter Marcucci page 46 Most woodworkers are familiar with Arts & Crafts designers William Morris, Gustav Stickley and Charles and Henry Greene. But Charles Rohlfs’ inspiring work is a bit less well-known. Rohlfs, trained as a designer and draftsman, spent his early years...


Art on the Living Edge

A nearly off-the-grid Montana shop creates a worldwide demand. by Spike Carlsen page 53 Walk into Paul Dumond’s workshop in Montana and you’ll see some unusual things: Slabs of wood the size of pool tables; massive 3-horsepower machines powered by solar panels and 700-pound chunks of salvaged I-beam. You might also find Dumond doing...


Weekend Pot Rack

This simple piece keeps your favorite cooking implements close at hand.  by Megan Fitzpatrick page 58 I like having the pots, pans and cooking utensils I use most often within easy reach of my stove, and this simple pot rack fits the bill (with a shelf on top for lids or what have you). My...


Design Matters: Depth Adds Life to Design

Use moulding, carving and other details to add visual layers. by George R. Walker page 18 Have you ever gazed at a great painting and, for a brief moment, found yourself pulled into it? Almost like magic, a few well-crafted brush strokes can trigger memories like the haunting cries of a seagull or the...


Arts & Mysteries: Simplicity Itself

Free up your hands with this useful Chinese wood carrier. by Peter Follansbee page 22 My wife, Maureen, came through the work area and asked, “What are you making?” When I told her, she said, “No, really, what are you making?” “A Chinese wood carrier. Really.” It’s for carrying any kind of wood, though;...


Veritas Bevel-down Bench Planes

Blade carrier helps to preserve cap-iron settings with ease.  by Christopher Schwarz page 14 When Veritas redesigned its bevel-down bench planes, the Canadian company started from scratch. Released in the fall of 2014, these tools share almost no DNA with the company’s previous generation. And, in the Veritas tradition, the company’s engineers also chucked...