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Harness Leather on the Headstock

Childhood memories from 40 years in the past are rediscovered with a gift. by David Wiggins page 64 The old man winked and reached under his workbench to retrieve a rusty paint can. He whispered, “Your grandma back in the house?” I nodded yes. From the can he extracted a well abused pint of bourbon, took a...


William & Mary Chest

Mortise-and-tenon joinery and side-hung drawers make for a simple but impressive build. by Chuck Bender pages 24-31 Early in my career I met an avid antiques collector whose focus was objects from the William & Mary period. Like many people, my first reaction was, “That stuff with those big, ugly ball feet?” Under his guidance I began...


Chipbreaker: Theory & Use

Most bench planes come equipped to eliminate tear-out. by Kees van der Heiden & Wilbur Pan pages 32-34 Handplanes are great tools for creating a smooth, finish-ready surface on a board without the dust and noise from a sander. If the board is straight grained and the blade is sharp, it is easy to use a plane....


Inlaid Jewelry Box

Shell and wood combine to decorate this delightfully detailed piece. by Autumn Doucet pages 35-41 I lie in bed sometimes, my eyes closed and my mind letting go of the details of the day, when out of the darkness comes a shape. If I overlay the shape with the sparkle and chatoyance of mother-of-pearl and paua abalone,...


Shop-made Tail Vise

Transform your workbench with custom-fit workholding – without any fuss. by Don Williams pages 42-45 For many woodworkers, especially those of the Galoot persuasion, a workbench with a tail vise of some sort is a fundamental necessity. These vises are integral to most European-style benches, and there are now extraordinary aftermarket options, some of which I own....


Greene & Greene-style Blanket Chest

A simple approach to a sublime design. by Marc Spagnuolo pages 46-54 I’ve been enamored of Greene & Greene furniture since my early days of woodworking, well before I possessed the skills to produce such a piece. Since that time, this style has become a regular part of my woodworking vocabulary, and I enjoy making reproductions and...


From Punk to Period

Freddy Roman built his career with hard work, outstanding teachers and plaid shirts. by Christopher Schwarz pages 52-55 You know those chests filled with tools that people give to children? The tools aren’t much good for building anything. But the chests do have another purpose: planting the seed of an idea in the child’s mind. Such was the...

4 Golf Ball Clamp-Fin

Golf Ball & Socket Clamping Device

pages 10 - 11 Occasionally while woodworking, we all find the need to work on tapered parts. But how do you hold those parts in a vise or with a clamp in order to do the work? I saw a product in a catalog that used the age-old concept of a pivoting jaw mounted to a...


Bosch CM10GD Glide Miter Saw

by Chuck Bender page 12 Bosch does it again, only smaller, with its CM10GD Dual-bevel Glide Miter Saw. Like its big brother (the GCM12SD), this saw has a hinged-arm system that creates a smooth, gliding action when extending the saw for a cut. While the similarities don’t end there, you will find some differences. On the surface...