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Make a Revolution From a Tree

A curious attorney helped kick-start ‘green woodworking’ with a single chair and a book. by Christopher Schwarz page 50 Of all the unusual twists and turns in the life of Jennie (formerly John) Alexander, surely the most incredible has been to be pronounced dead in the media while being very much alive. When her...


DEROS Random-orbit Sander

Mirka’s compact electric sander performs like an air-powered tool.  by Megan Fitzpatrick page 12 I avoid sanding as much as possible – but sometimes it has to be done. Since early 2010, when we got a Mirka CEROS (Compact Electrical Random Orbital Sander) in for pre-release testing, that’s been my go-to tool for this dreaded...


Easy Wood Tools 1/8″ ‘Easy Parter’ Parting Tool

by Christopher Schwarz page 14 Since my first experience with Easy Wood tools in 2011, I’ve been a fan. Thanks to the tools’ long-lasting carbide inserts, I can focus on the shapes I want to produce instead of heading to the grinder or tweaking the lathe’s tool rest. The three basic tools in the...


Bosch ‘Power Ready’ Wireless Charging System

by Megan Fitzpatrick Page 14 Although wireless charging is nothing new (it’s been around for years for home and mobile phones), the Power Ready system from Bosch is a first in the tool sector. As of this writing, the system includes only the WCBAT612 18-volt thin-pack 2Ah battery ($89), which is backward-compatible with all...


Killer Wood

Don’t let fabulous figure overshadow your design elements. by George Walker page 16 Much has been written about how Michelangelo, the great artist and sculptor, spent years of his life in the Carrara, Italy, marble quarries. He sought out promising stone and often took part in the whole process, from the initial sectioning of...


Work Begun

Forget the stockpile of wood; what about the stock of partial projects? by Peter Follansbee page 58 When building furniture, some woodworkers keep a stockpile of lumber on hand and draw from their stacks as they begin a new project. Others buy enough lumber (with some extra) for each piece they are planning to...


Why is Finishing So Difficult?

Misleading claims and directions may be due to manufacturer ignorance. by Bob Flexner page 62 In the previous issue (#216) I wrote about teak oils and how none have anything to do with teak wood. Reading the article, you may have asked yourself why companies would put out products that aren’t what they say...


Why I Love Ikea

Lessons from a big box guide my approach to woodworking by Edward Suter page 64 I love Ikea. Yes, I said it. This store has provided me with an understanding of furniture design and with products I use on many of my projects. For some I’m happy to pay, but for most I haven’t had...


American Gothic

This early form – an aumbry – spawned many different types of furniture. by Christopher Schwarz page 28 It is easy to forget that many of our favorite pieces of furniture are recent innovations. Forms such as coffee tables, bookcases and desks are – archaeologically speaking – new objects brought on by incredible modern...