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Design Matters: Mouldings Got a Start in the Gutter

Woodwork and architecture share some surprising DNA. by George R. Walker pgs. 16-18 I am a country mouse who likes to visit the city. It’s a habit that doesn’t make much sense, because I’ve always preferred walking in the woods to dodging traffic. But when my design quest led me into the world of...

Arts & Mysteries: Wallington, The Unhappy Turner

Trade dangers revealed in 17th-century journals. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 58-61 I thought of Nehemiah Wallington (1598-1658) when I set up my lathe in my nearly finished workshop. A few times a year he pops up in my mind. He was a turner in Puritan-era London, and as unhappy a soul as you might...

Flexner on Finishing: Brands of Dye Stain Differ

Make sense of different dye types to understand what works for you. by Bob Flexner pgs. 60-63 In the last issue (#230), I mentioned that I liked to use W.D. Lockwood or J.E. Moser water-soluble powder dyes (they are the same) for staining, and non-grain-raising (NGR) or TransTint liquid dyes (they are also the...

End Grain – ‘You Own a Tablesaw?!’

This hand surgeon likes meeting fellow woodworkers – but not at work. by David Shapiro pg. 64 I long ago lost track of how many people, upon learning of my interest in woodworking, have puzzled aloud over my table saw. They follow up with, “Do you know how important your hands are?” or, “Do...

The Best Glue for Furniture?

Why liquid hide glue should be your first choice as an adhesive. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 22-29 Since the beginnings of civilization up until World War II, most pieces of furniture were assembled using animal-based glues. That fact changed almost overnight in the 20th century, however, with the introduction of polyvinyl acetate (PVA), what...

Scandinavian Workbench

Modern hardware and techniques update this Tage Frid-inspired bench. by Bill Rainford pgs. 30-39 Scandinavian- or Continental-style workbenches are the vinyl LP records of the woodworking world. These iconic benches have never left the scene. A few are classics and others are the flavor of the month. Some benches in this style are masterworks...

Design & Create a Marquetry Panel

You’ll need three drawings, a stack of veneers and a little patience. by Craig Thibodeau pgs. 40-46 I’ve been using marquetry as a way to enhance my custom furniture pieces for a number of years and during that time have developed a series of simple steps that make creating marquetry pictures fairly straightforward. I’ll...

How & Why of Spring Joints

Save on clamps with this traditional technique for panel glue-ups. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 47-49 A “spring joint” is a traditional method where you join the edges of two boards to make a wider panel and leave a tiny gap in the middle of the joint. The gap reduces the number of clamps you...

shavehorse, shaving horse, shave horse, portable shaving horse

Knock-down Shaving Horse

Windsor turnings lend personality; storage drawer adds functionality. by Willard Anderson pgs. 50-55 I recently had a roof built over the deck on my shop, so now I have a great place to store lumber (plus I put a rocking chair out there to enjoy the evening air). But what I really wanted was...