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Toothed Planing Stop from Benchcrafted

by James McConnell pg. 16 Most woodworkers have the skill to engineer a makeshift planing stop from a block of wood and a bit of old saw blade, but the precision engineering and price point of the new toothed planing stop from Benchcrafted beg the question: Why would you want to? The folks at...

Small Surprises, by Design

New Hampshire designer Jim Zink’s organic pieces are filled with lessons. by George R. Walker pgs. 18-20 Every time the subject of design comes up with a builder, I’m keen to know what inspires them – what is at the center of their inner drive. Many talented designers have a background in art. This...

Wood Too Good to Burn

Look to your firewood pile for plenty of project inspiration. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 58-59 I’ve been cutting up my leftover bits of green wood for firewood to use in my new workshop. It’s not going well. I have a feeling that we green woodworkers freeze to death in the end. It’s because when...

7 Ways to Get a Darker Color

Gain more control over your staining with these techniques. by Bob Flexner pgs. 60-63 The most popular types of stains are oil stains, also called wiping stains (though most stains are wiped after application). Oil stains are widely available at paint stores and home centers. They are very easy to use because they provide...

End Grain: Marine Corps to Shop Floor

Time served funds a maker’s pursuit of woodworking happiness. by Grant Burger pg. 64 With most things in life, you either pay with your time or your money. Say you want to build a box using 3/4 black walnut. You have three options: Buy boards milled to final thickness from a lumberyard (least time,...

Hancock Candle Stand

This iconic table is the first perfect copy of the original. by Will Myers pgs. 24-32 Sometimes a project ends up going in directions you never expected. What seems to be so simple and straightforward ends up being much more involved. I had not planned to end up on a quest. A few months...

Digital Woodworking

Learn how computers, software and CNCs can contribute in your shop. by Tim Celeski pgs. 33-37 There are a lot of ways to do woodworking. For example, there’s more than a dozen ways to make mortises and tenons. The same is true for almost everything a woodworker does. For any given task, everyone finds...

Fall in Love with Nails

This much-maligned fastener has a place in the finest furniture. Here’s why. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 38-43 Among furniture makers, the reputation of the simple nail is somewhere south of expired glue and tacos made from weasel knees. The following statement is one you hear all the time: The best furniture is built using...

Handmade in Herefordshire

A young maker works green wood with seasoned skill. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 44-47 Jazz is dead. God is dead. Baseball is dead. I remember when all these deaths and more were proclaimed, but they all have proven to be untrue. And in recent years more than once I have heard that woodworking is...