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Below, you’ll find the full text and images of free articles from past issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine – step-by-step project plans, how-to articles on hand tools and power tools, shop techniques, hand- and power-tool reviews, visits to incredible workshops, shop layout ideas and more. Plus, you’ll find free articles and videos our editors and contributing editors have written and filmed for our woodworking blogs on all things woodworking. Scroll down below to browse.

Woodworking Time

5 Minutes’ Peace

After the hustle and bustle of the day, taking a few minutes out and having some quiet time can be welcome relief. Everyone had just left the workshop and I had a few short minutes before my expected arrival home for tea. There was just enough time to get to my bench  to fix...

SCM Fs520


For a new woodworker, finding an effective way to work these days can be tough. It would be easy to choose a totally unplugged path. And what a wonderful path that is. The Eaton County Woodworker , Tom Fidgen and Peter Follansbee are examples of how exciting and dynamic that experience could be. Even though I...

Japanese Saw 1

Razor Sharp

At Christmas time I was lucky enough to get a few tool vouchers that enabled me to purchase some Japanese-style saws. I had some trials runs, but had not really put them to work on a project yet. Lucky for me, I got some shop time this weekend on the proviso I make something...


Lie-Nielsen Event at PWM, April 17-18 2015

The crates should be rolling in any day now for the April 17-18 Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at the palatial Popular Woodworking shop and offices. Hours are Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Come and try out just about every tool Lie-Nielsen offers, as well as infill planes from...

Totes B

Rust Removal

If you like to tinker with old tools, sooner or later you’ll come into contact with a rusty example. I’ve been interested in methods that use lemon juice or vinegar to shift the problem. I like the fact there is no dry abrading and no electrical stuff, and the things you need to do...