11 thoughts on “‘Milkman’s Workbench’ Without Screws

  1. jeff627

    The article in the magazine indicated one could use veneer press screws instead of the wooden screws. What size? One of the Amazon vendors sells Jorgensen 9″, 12″ and 18″. Woodcraft and Lee-Valley no longer appear to sell them.

  2. kyoung27


    This is way kool but I would like to know who makes the kit that will cut threads large enough for the screws on the vices? All the ones I have seen are too small. Thanks.

    1. dherbert

      I made a small bench vise using 3/4″ wooden screws,one for tightening the jaw, and another that holds the jaws parallel, like a small leg vise.It works fine for me.

  3. wb8nbs

    I made a workholding attachment for my “Work Area” (it hardly qualifies as a bench) http://www.flickr.com/photos/wb8nbs/sets/72157625378050141/ and struggle with the problem of holding system height interfering with the tools. I have two solutions, raise the work by putting a spacer board underneath, or add a thin spacer board between the vise and the work long enough to clear the tools.

    I have a Moxon style vise (inspired by Mr. Schwarz) for holding boards vertically.

  4. wallace

    Is the Inside, Vertical Face of the Front Frame also made with a corresponding 4 degree Bevel to match the 4 degree surface of the Wedges?

    Seems as if this – like the bottom of a conventional Screw Tightened Tail Vise – might “Rack” a bit because of this GAP?

    Because the Front Frame is less than 2″ high, an interior face bevel of 4 degrees may not be needed.

    drj -

  5. commajockey

    Wonder if this is a nice solution for holding wide boards vertically on a full-sized bench? Does seem to get around the limitations of having a screw in the way.