Glen's Finishes – In Action

Above is a brief video trailer I put together drawing from the footage found in the new DVD “Finishes That Pop.”

In this DVD, Glen takes you through his entire process of creating a show-stoping finish. Not only will you learn his method, but you’ll also learn the shortcuts to perform this process more efficiently. Glen teaches you what you need to know about choosing and mixing aniline dyes, when you should apply boiled linseed oil, whether or not to invest in a spray gun, the secrets of adding age to your piece, and the best ways to rub out a finish , to name just a few. Plus, there’s even a bonus segment on mixing your own oil/varnish blend.

All-in-all, Glen makes his finishing procedure extremely accessible in this easy-to-view video format. So if you’re wanting to take your finishing to the next level order this DVD from the Woodworker’s BookShop.

, Drew DePenning

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