Delta Unisaw Restoration Part II

It’s not every day that you remove the tabletop from your table saw and get a close-up view on the interior workings, so you’ll want to watch this second session of the Delta Unisaw rebuild even if you never plan to rebuild a table saw.

This week Steve Shanesy takes a close look inside the saw. He steps through the individual parts including the trunnions, bearings and the arbor assembly and demonstrates how to clean your ways without a greasy mess. He also shows you how to remove the old bearings, then install new ones using simple tools. And if you’re rebuilding a saw , or if you think you might someday , Steve has a couple tricks to make the job easier.

To watch the second installment, click here.

And if haven’t caught the first act, click here.

- Glen D. Huey

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Glen Huey is editor of American Woodworker Magazine, and former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. He's an accomplished period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books and videos (as well as magazine articles).

One thought on “Delta Unisaw Restoration Part II

  1. Michael Hanes

    Please let people know that WD-40 is an excellent penetrant and water displacer and is good for loosening tight assemblies, but is NOT a good long term lubricant. If left on the assembly and if there is a little bit of heat generated, it actually becomes something akin to post-it note glue.