April 2009 #175

Popular Woodworking April 2009 issueIn the April 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking, Senior Editor Robert W. Lang builds a Greene & Greene medicine cabinet that he discovered in the Gamble House garage.

We show you three solid ways to make edge joints for panel glue-ups.

Mario Rodriguez designs a compact and elegant Providence writing desk.

Read our review of the three plunge-cut saws currently available in the United States.

Learn how to carve Spanish feet with Charles Bender, founder of the Acanthus Workshop.

Make an undulating band-sawn “twister” box with this design from Lois Keener Ventura.

Construct a simple grinder tool rest so you can achieve predictable, repeatable angles.

Bob Flexner discusses finishing the five types of wood.

Adam Cherubini moves on to shaping the splat for his 18th-century chair.

The Wood Whisperer shares his thoughts on glue.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras (downloads, etc.) for this issue are inside each article.

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Providence Writing Desk

Gentle curves and elegant details provide a place to get work done in style. By Mario Rodriguez Pages: 44-49 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now A friend of mine recently moved into a small apartment in Providence and needed a place from which she could pay bills, do paperwork and...


Three Ways to Make Edge Joints

By hand or power? With a spring joint or not? By Robert W. Lang, Glen D. Huey & Christopher Schwarz Pages: 40-43 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now One of the most important joints in woodworking is the edge joint. Without it, our projects would look like they have been...


Greene & Greene Medicine Cabinet

Humble origins but a distinguished pedigree combine in the ultimate Arts & Crafts medicine cabinet. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 34-39 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now This cabinet caught my eye on my first visit to the Gamble house. I had an hour to kill before the tour began,...


Flexner on Finishing: Finishing the 5 Types of Woods

Organize all the woods into categories to determine the best finishing strategy. By Bob Flexner Pages: 66-68 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now Woodworkers choose among dozens of wood species for projects. Unless you’ve actually used many different woods and experience how they machine, feel, smell and respond to stains...


Tool Test: Ridgid’s Rock-top Saw

By Glen D. Huey Page: 31 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now Ridgid now has its version of a granite-top table saw on the market. With the motor mounted inside the cabinet and the saw powered from a 110-volt circuit, the Ridgid R4611 saw is considered a hybrid saw. Features...


Tool Test: Metabo Sander Pulls Double Duty

By Glen D. Huey Page: 31 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now Many woodworkers rely on random-orbit sanders as their primary method to level an out-of-whack glue-up or for smoothing a surface in preparation for finish. To accomplish both tasks adequately, most sanders are made with middle-of-the-road specifications. If your...


Tool Test: Veritas Dovetail Saw

New saw design opens the door to hand sawing. By Robert W. Lang Page: 30 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now One of the thrills of woodworking is learning a new technique and adding a new skill. Many new skills require a new tool, and the cost of the tool...