April 2005 #147

Popular Woodworking April 2005The one-weekend router table featured in this April 2005 issue of Popular Woodworking will fit your needs and your budget without taking up valuable floor space.

We look at the Festool system of power tools, and Lonnie Bird shares his secrets for accurate layouts.

Five chairmakers show their tricks in Cheating at Chairmaking, and Don Weber builds a traveling toolbox.

Projects featured are a Greene and Greene sideboard and an attractive plant stand.

In Power Tool Joinery, we show you how to make great tongue and groove joints. In Arts & Mysteries, we look at the striking knife.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

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Cheating at Chairmaking

Tricks and secret weapons to assist the beginning (or city-dwelling) bodger. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 62-69 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now After building my first stick Windsor chair using traditional tools and green wood it was like I was on crack. Like thousands of woodworkers I returned home from...


Total Shop in a Box

Can a system of portable European power tools find a home in U.S. woodshops? By Scott Gibson Pages: 57-61 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now If you work alone in a small shop, it’s easy to dread the backbreaking start of a cabinetmaking project. It usually means spending hours reducing...


Woodworking Essentials: Advanced Joinery

By Nick Engler Pages: 49-56 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now In Chapter 3 of this series we discussed basic joinery on the table saw, including miters, bevels, rabbets, dados and grooves. In this chapter we’re going to take those concepts a step further. Essentially we’ll be using the same...


Traveling Toolbox

Bodger and blacksmith Don Weber shows how to effectively combine power and hand-tool techniques to build a simple and sturdy toolbox. By Don Weber Pages: 44-48 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now I’m a bodger and a blacksmith, making tables and chairs in iron and wood. When I’m not in...


Greene & Greene Sideboard

Authentic details are easier than you might imagine. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 36-43 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now In 1907, the architectural practice of brothers Charles and Henry Greene was at its peak of popularity in southern California, with several houses under construction. Equally busy was the workshop...


Arts & Mysteries: The Striking Knife

Discover a nearly extinct tool that can help you work faster and more accurately. By Adam Cherubini Pages: 32-34 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now As preposterous as the notion seems, the historical record suggests cabinetmakers working in dim shops with hand tools were able to produce fine furniture with...


Tool Test: Ashley Iles Turning Tools

By Steve Shanesy Page: 30 From the April 2005 issue #147 Buy this issue now Although highly regarded and widely distributed in England, turning tools from famous toolmaker Ashley Iles have been scarce as hen’s teeth on this side of the Atlantic. Now, speciality tool online retailer Tools for Working Wood is changing all...