today is friday 17.12  pm 5/6/2009  today i have been skiping? end of week we dispose of shop fittings from store as we are changing store over all old for new .Today my lucky day? got 30 lenghts of abs protection barrier  these you see on my pics blog these are only 1.8 metres long but still do the job for tables. plus slate tiles got only 65 /12 x10 inch  others were wrecked as we had an apprenice on job who got carried away with the hammer.As to the ply offcuts which is 18mm thick spruce not bad sizes i got some 4×3 ft some 8 x2 ft  but i will produce something outa them.plus the electricians here have to renew socket boxes no matter what?all the ones they take out are ok but as big cheifs say want all new so they do it. i have 85 double sockets with 29 having built in trips switches .these here in uk are £18 each and double plug sockets are only £8.99 but thats alot of money if you went out to buy the stuff? as to 4×2 timbers i got 42  8 ft lenghts sawn all i gotta do is plane them down. i asked why do they throw it away? answer its cheaper to buy new for next job than have it transported to next job? hey companys in uk more money than sense some companys? no wonder they go bankrupt?  if i had the money and was fairly well off ?I would buy a transporter with room enough for 3 containers? i could go to every building site in uk they working on and say to site agent heres £50  OR IN YOUR MONEY HERES $50  CAN I TAKE WHAT YOU PUT IN SKIP and within 2 years i bet i could build my own house from a skip? bricks they always over order example 2 pallets of bricks here was skiped on a pallet 480 bricks and they were engineering bricks . but as i am me i take wood /screws/ glue/bolts/nuts/ ect  bricks i will leave to a bricklayer as to the electricians cables they throw have at least 20 ft minimum on it 3 core. mind you my wife would have something to say about it bringing home all the stuff they scrap but still useable?women eh they wouldnt moan if they went buy a perfume place and said hey they chucking face powder lipstick and perfume away? imagine that ? But as the goverments around the world say recycle save the enviroment? i can only do my best rummaging through skips? But as you see what i produce from skips hey in the end its all worth while? and its peace of mind? plus never let me near a skip as i will find something to use to make something to please most people / YOU ALL HAVE A NICE WEEKEND OVER THERE  Dusty  Hey some of the sawn 4×2 planed and sanded made into mirror cost only for mirror £4.95 .