A Good Look at Some Marcou Handplanes

At Woodworking in America 2010, the award for having traveled the farthest went to Philip Marcou, a toolmaker in New Zealand. I was joking on Twitter a few days ago that we were looking at New Zealand as a potential site for a future conference (in which case we’d have to call it Woodworking...


The Only Handplane You Need?

Editor’s note – This post and video originally appeared in The Wood Whisperer Guild, an innovative and high-quality website with tons of woodworking information. Many thanks to Marc Spagnuolo for making this paid content available for free on the Popular Woodworking site! Buy Marc’s book, “Hybrid Woodworking,” in our store for an exclusive video...


Not Your Prosaic Handplane

Just a little something to drool over — the holly knob and tote are by Bill Rittner; the engraving is by Catharine Kennedy. – Megan Fitzpatrick p.s. I’m out of the office this week…and can’t seem to turn the pic on my phone. Sorry.


Settling Debts: An Update on Clifton Handplanes

Though I’ve been a non-editor at both Popular Woodworking and The Fine Tool Journal for almost three years now, I still have debts to pay. And I take those debts seriously. One of my first reviews for The Fine Tool Journal, which was reprinted in the book “Handplane Essentials,” is a review of Clifton...


An Observation on Vintage Handplanes

Note: I started writing this blog entry more than a year ago. I shelved it and have revisited it several times since. Each time, I thought: I don’t need this kind of grief. For whatever reason (four beers, perhaps?), I offer this as an observation based on teaching students, both amateur and professional. For...

Cutting a bevel on a piece of trim with a handplane. This is a practice piece with a big knot in the middle.

Handplane Quest – Using the Tool to Cut a Bevel

I just did something pretty satisfying. I just completed my first woodworking task – a task that’s part of a build – with a handplane. I’m pretty sure that no one other than me will be impressed with this feat. It was a really simple task, and if you look back in the blog...

Is Your Handplane Tuned? Acacia melanoxylon Knows

One of the best things about getting older has been the fact that I can now do more woodworking tasks “by feel” than “by eye.” As my already-crappy eyesight has become dulled by middle age, I’ve found that my other senses – particularly my sense of touch – have become heightened. I cannot always...


Super-Tune a Handplane, with Christopher Schwarz

Whether your plane is old or new, discover tips that will make it perform with surgical precision. With just a little effort and a couple hours, you can turn any handplane into a super-tuned, high-performance tool. Order “Super-Tune a Handplane” now!